Broadcast History - August 24

Broadcast History - August 24

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In 1948, at 10:00 a.m., CBX Lacombe, Alberta, signed on, although the official opening was not until September 8th. The CBC hoped to repeat 1939's success with CBK-540, which provided local-like coverage to both Saskatoon and Regina, as well as serving almost all of the rest of Saskatchewan. They really did try hard, using a North-South directional pattern that pushed more of the 50,000 watts to Calgary and Edmonton than a single tower, non-directional pattern like CBK's would have. And twin 5/8 wavelength towers almost exactly half way between Edmonton and Calgary. But CBX's 1010 KHz frequency had nowhere near the groundwave coverage of CBK's lowest possible frequency, 540 KHz. Not to mention Alberta's more difficult terrain as well as larger buildings in the larger cities of Edmonton and Calgary.


In June 1953, CBXA Edmonton was added on 740 KHz with 100 watts from a single 110 foot tower on top of the Westinghouse Building in the middle of downtown Edmonton. It was not until October 1964 that the problem was "finally" solved by closing the Lacombe site, and opening CBR Calgary on 1010 KHz with 50,000 watts, and CBX Edmonton on 740 KHz with 50,000 watts. Of course, some problems really never go away "forever", and CBX-2 was opened in 2007 in downtown Edmonton on 93.9 MHz because the long wavelengths of CBX's 740 KHz frequency have difficulty penetrating the metal rebars of the reinforced concrete walls of both businesses and residentials highrises. Likewise, CBR-1 on 99.1 MHz with 1100 watts in downtown Calgary at the end of 2006.

In 1984, the CBC received CRTC approval to consolidate its transmitters in Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan, between Moose Jaw and Regina. But three years later, CBK-FM and CBKF-FM moved back to Regina to improve the coverage in Regina. CBK-540 remained in Watrous through this whole process.

In 1990, CJOI-1440 Wetaskiwin (Alberta) was given CRTC approval to be sold to NorNet. Today, the call letters are CKJR and the format is Oldies (W-14-40).


In 2002, the CBC TV/FM tower in downtown Toronto at 354 Jarvis Street was finally demolished, to make room for a new building. It had not been used since most Toronto FM and TV stations moved to the CN Tower in 1976.
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