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More than EKKO Stamps

This area of Radio Tribute looks at all forms of stamps and seals given by radio stations to listeners for a dime, typically to verify the listener's reception of the station. These stamps were immensely popular in the last half of the 1920's, enduring well past the bankruptcy of the EKKO Company at the beginning of the Depression in 1930. In later years, QSL cards and verification letters were the norm, and there is some discussion of this in the DX section of this site.

What are EKKO Stamps?

Technically, EKKO stamps are only those sold to radio stations by the EKKO Company of Chicago, printed for them by the American Bank Note Company. Other companies, most notably the PM Bryant Company, also of Chicago, began to compete with EKKO in 1925, while other companies focused more on creating custom stamps for specific radio stations. To compete with Bryant, EKKO also began selling their radio station stamps directly to the public. Since neither company had access to radio station program logs, nor any desire to spend the time checking them, possession of an EKKO or Bryant stamp did not prove reception of a radio station.

Things got very confusing after the EKKO Company went bankrupt in 1930, as the American Bank Note Company sold its remaining stock of blank EKKO stamps which eventually found its way to many radio stations who rubber stamped or otherwise printed their call letters on them, and continued giving them out to listeners, just as they had in the 1920's.

Up until the 1980's, EKKO stamps were considered worthless, though there were always a few collectors. With the advent of eBay, values for some of the rarer stamps have increased significantly, and there has been some interest in stamps from radio stations that were popular as Top 40 radio stations during the 1950s and 1960s.

Over the years, radio stations have given out other stamps, KFI in Los Angeles, the best known, as they were still providing them with every reception verification letter sent out in the 1960's. You will find these non-EKKO radio station stamps included amongst the EKKO stamps shown on this site.

Bigger, but Easier

Dial-up users with a lot of patience, and everyone else can access the EKKO stamps all on one large (30MB) Web page, by clicking here.

Smaller and Faster

Dial-up users and anyone who knows what they are looking for may prefer the fast loading (150KB) Web page that lists all the EKKO stamps, providing hyperlinks for each image, which you can then click on to see. Click here for this page.


Both pages begin with an index of the call letters of all of the radio stations for which EKKO stamps are available for viewing. Click on the call letters to instantly get down to the position on the Web page for EKKO stamps of that radio station.


I do not collect EKKO or other radio stamps. I collect images of EKKO and other radio stamps.

If you would like to contribute images to this site, please contact me at the editor.


Jon Pearkins
September 09, 2006