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CKLG Year-end charts

Postby MrJRPretired » Thu Apr 04, 2024 9:11 pm

To those who kept track of the CKLG Year-end charts:

CKLG did play a year-end Top 100 of the Year of 1978, on December 31, 1978, starting about 6:00 PM and ending in the wee hours of January 1, 1979. The list has never been posted (possibly because it bore very little, if any, resemblance to the radio station's weekly charts, which are available for viewing), and I can't seem to locate my copy of it. However, I do remember what song #100 was, as well as song #17 and #2. Did anyone on this forum write out the entire list? If so, can that chart be posted here?

Also, still on the topic of CKLG year-end charts: the radio station played yearly Top 100 songs from the 1964 to 1973 charts during the Summer of 1974 (on Saturday and Sunday nights, leading up to their Top 500 on Labour Day weekend in 1974) and again the 1964 to 1974 charts during the Fall of 1975 (this time, only on Sunday nights, I believe). I have only partial audio cassette "clips" of some of those years, recorded in 1975. During these countdowns, the radio station played an entire 100 songs list (from song #100 to #1) for all of the years that it covered, whereas some of those years (1966, 1971 and 1972) CKLG only had a year-end Top 73 chart. Therefore someone (or more than one individual) at the radio station added 27 songs to those year-end charts. Did anyone write out in full the entire Top 100 of each year from 1964 to 1973 (specifically the full Top 100 in the 1964, 1966, 1971 and 1972 year-end charts, as played during the Summer of 1974 and the Fall of 1975? If so, can they also be posted here?

Note: The 1965 year-end chart that was played was the year-end Cashbox chart for that year. I'm not sure if that was also the case for the 1964 and 1966 charts.

Thank you
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