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Radio News from British Columbia

Postby Glen Livingstone » Fri Jun 02, 2006 1:47 pm

January 22, 2001

Gord MacDonald, News Director at ?NW says that the new NW2 will be the same in format, ?but better than CKWX" he hopes. ( On NW2 ).

July 11, 2002

?The new format has taken off in Toronto,? said Lou Del Gobbo, General Manager, Corus Radio Vancouver. ?This is innovative, provocative radio and we know Vancouver will embrace it.? ( On MOJO: Talk Radio For Guys).

Aug. 6, 2002

?It is with great excitement that we launch this raucous all-star lineup of provocative shows for men and it?s with mild fear that we unleash The Jesse Dylan Show on the citizens of Vancouver,? says Tom Plasteras, program director, MOJO Radio Vancouver. ?Without a question, MOJO will be a stand out, unlike anything this city has heard before.? ( On MOJO: Talk Radio For Guys).

April 14, 2005

MOJO assistant Program Director Crosby McWilliam says "Talk radio for guys had its challenges and ultimately we decided that the upside wasn't worth the challenges we were facing so we decided to re-evaluate." ( On the demise of MOJO: Talk Radio for Guys).

"We have the Vancouver Canucks, the Edmonton Eskimos and Oilers, the Calgary Stampeders, and other teams all the way across the country," says McWilliam. ( On the launch of MOJO AM730).

"If we concentrate all the work that we're doing on these sports properties we have an opportunity to create a sports station that would be more successful because it has much more in the resource box."
( On the launch of MOJO AM730 ).

May 30, 2006

Corus GM J.J. Johnston: "It is unfortunate that we could not make MOJO work?this is a very good sounding radio station. This is the last chapter of the Black Tower. We have a management team that is committed to being the best they can be."
( On the demise of MOJO AM730 ).


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