Tammy Moyer's Cancer Battle

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Tammy Moyer's Cancer Battle

Postby radiofan » Fri Mar 04, 2016 9:36 am

Many of us have been aware of News 1130 Morning Anchor Tammy Moyer's recent health issues. Things have gone from bad to worse for Tammy.
A gofundme page has been set up to get financial support for Tammy's immediate care needs. If you can help, please do! No amount is too small.


Tammy Moyer is a vibrant, beautiful, compassionate, loving, giving and one of the most caring women on this planet. A well known name in Vancouver and beyond she is the voice of the morning news show on news 1130am and an amazing mother to her 7 year old son Emelyan.

Tammy has done many amazing things and has faced some troubling times in her life so far but she never thought she would be faced with the battle of her life, Pancreatic Cancer. For those of you that do not follow Tammy's life on Social Media (what are living under a rock?!) you may not know that she has been struggling with her health for some time now. In and out of the Hospital for the past 6 month's with no answers has been taxing on her and her family, especially her amazing mother who has taken her to all her appointments and sat in countless waiting rooms for hours on end for some answers, hope just anything to help Tammy.

Tammy spent the last few weeks in the Hospital and had a series of scopes, tests and biopsy’s. What they discovered was that Tammy's cancer has metastasized and spread. The Dr's haven’t offered any treatments to Tammy as it is just too far spread now and have said she has only months to live. As devastating as this news is, we have hope because we believe in the power of natural medicine and frankly, it's our only hope. We are working with a detox specialist and Herbologist to try and help Tammy. We have hope we can extend her life for just a little longer so she can enjoy some time with her son and family.

We need funds to help with the cost of the natural medicine, and we would like to hire a nurse to come and help the family give Tammy the best possible care.

Beyond her current care, the biggest reason why we need to raise funds, is for her 7 year old son. This little boy needs a future. Tammy is obviously completely destroyed at the thought of leaving her son so we need to at least assure her that he will be taken care of and have a good life ahead of him. As Tammy's family we are devastated but we have hope that we can do something for her. We wont give up, we are going to fight this as long as need be. We know Tammy is loved by so many people as she has done so many amazing things for the community such as fundraising and charity events and even sponsors a little girl.

Tammy is truly a giving soul, upon her diognoses her first responce was "I'm not ready to go there are so many more people I want to help" if that's not a selfless sentiment I don't know what is. She is truly inspiring and deserves us to all rally together to help her fight. Let's give Tammy all the resources out there, let's not give this cancer a chance to take our girl. We appreciate anything you can give, big or small it all helps. We can't express how truly blessed we feel already from everyone in our lives. The support and help has been amazing and we feel that this thing has just begun.

We thank you and Tammy thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for your love, support and well wishes. There is strength in numbers so let us band together to give Tammy her best shot. We know there are so many other families struggling through cancer and our positive vibes go out to them as well.

Click here to donate. https://www.gofundme.com/eksdgj5c
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Re: Tammy Moyer's Cancer Battle

Postby Jim Walters » Fri Mar 04, 2016 1:36 pm

This is very sad news. I was wondering why Tammy had been off the air so much for the last few months.

One of the absolute best news people in the city and a genuine nice person.

So nice to see so many from the radio community, not just co-workers, but many "competitors" from other stations contributing.

Miracles do happen and I pray Tammy is the recipient of one.
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Re: Tammy Moyer's Cancer Battle

Postby Tom Jeffries » Fri Mar 04, 2016 5:23 pm

Although I didn't get to work with Ms. Moyer - she was incredible on the air.

Our best wishes and a large hug from my Family.

Hang in there, Tammy and know that you are much loved.
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Re: Tammy Moyer's Cancer Battle

Postby FormerLady1130 » Mon Mar 07, 2016 3:36 pm

Hi all,

We are holding a "Celebrate Tammy" event on Sunday April 10th at the Century Plaza Hotel on Burrard (venue generously donated by Wendy Lisogar-Cocchia).
We hope Tammy will be able to make it but that will depend on how she's feeling by that point. (Just in case, we plan to have a Skype session set up.)
For anyone who would like to attend, tickets can be purchased here:

https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/celebrate-t ... f=efbevent

Tickets will include food and a drink ticket.

All proceeds from this event will benefit Emelyan - Tammy's son. She is so worried about her little guy. I promised her I would do what I can to help his future.
For anyone who can't attend but wishes to help - whether financially, donating an item to our silent auction or volunteer on the day of the event, feel free to email me at gitoys@telus.net.

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