Any and All CiTR/CYVR/RadSoc Alumini Invited

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Any and All CiTR/CYVR/RadSoc Alumini Invited

Postby jon » Wed Jan 18, 2017 1:51 pm

Eleanor Wearing reports:
Shindig Alumni night is next Tuesday, Jan 24 at Pat's Pub! It's round three of the Shindig Semi-Finals, so the bands will be great. We'd love to see alumni out at this event, so we can introduce you to the current Student Exec and volunteers at CiTR and Discorder!

(p.s. Pat's Pub has poutines on special on Tuesday nights, and they are really really good, if you need another reason to attend)

As you will see on the Facebook Events Page, anyone who has ever worked at UBC Radio is invited, whether or not you were:
  1. ever part of ShinDig, or
  2. paid, since 99.7% of UBC Radio Alumini never say a pay cheque
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