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Postby radio knob » Fri Jul 07, 2017 9:49 am

To piggyback off the Rogers/CISL/Canucks marriage, will free over the air radio stations outside of Vancouver ever pay for broadcast rights again?
My Pattison market dropped it a few years back. The Canucks website doesn't list any radio info. Same for BC Lions. Is Kelowna the last hold out I wonder?
Instead of the radio on the deck or in the garden or garage its the phone or the ipad that will have to suffice - its just not the same. Between the battery life, dropouts
and the crappy sound it is a technological step backward. But I can catch the St.Louis Cardinals baseball game from Houston if I need to.
For those in the know did the Canucks fee just just make no economic sense with all the audio choices we have now?
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