Richard Zussman out at the CBC

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Richard Zussman out at the CBC

Postby kal » Tue Dec 12, 2017 8:03 pm

Richard Zussman had become a fine political reporter working out of Victoria.

Apparently the CBC has fired him for working on a book, along with The Sun's Rob Shaw, on the last days of the Christy Clark government.

More here from Gary Mason:
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Re: Richard Zussman out at the CBC

Postby Richard Skelly » Tue Dec 12, 2017 8:35 pm

The Globe and Mail became a must-read destination for BC news junkies when it poached Gary Mason and Mark Hume from The Vancouver Sun. Mark recently retired but Gary, through his columns, continues to poke underneath political and media haystacks. He asks the tough questions that regular reporters, trying to be neutral, often avoid.

If Mr Zussman loses in arbitration and leaves Mother Corp, he can draw inspiration from Evan Solomon. The CBC completely overreacted to Evan’s sideline of pairing art purchasers with art sellers. A reprimand would have been appropriate. But CBC honchos, stung by the Ghomeshi debacle and separate conflict-of-interest allegations invoving Peter Mansbridge and Amanda Lang, made an unfair example out of Solomon. The CBC’s loss proved other media outlets gain: Evan has never looked back.

Next time I root through my storage locker, must see if Fantasyland is still in a box of old books. Gary and Keith whalloped one out of the park with their take on Zalm Times in BC politics. May Richard Zussman carry on his collaboration and entertain us with the rest of the story involving Christy Clark’s electoral fall.
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Re: Richard Zussman out at the CBC

Postby Mike Cleaver » Wed Dec 13, 2017 1:39 pm

Every media company/outlet has had employees sign off on a long list of requirements to get/keep their jobs.
Some corporations didn't start this until the turn of the century but for CBC, it's been a long standing practice.
Break any of the rules and you can be terminated.
When I worked at CTV as a writer for the 5/6pm newscasts, they kept pushing me to sign a multiple page document with a long list of "do not's" in it.
I kept putting it off and never did sign it.
I long for the days of ethical employers who made and kept promises on a handshake.
The rules were explained simply and directly and you could agree or not.
Again, if you signed an agreement and then refuse to follow the rules, you'll suffer the consequences.
People ask why I keep a recording of everything that I do.
It's paid off on more than several occasions.
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Re: Richard Zussman out at the CBC

Postby mccrady » Wed Dec 13, 2017 5:34 pm

From one of several notes on this subject to members from the Canadian Media Guild -- the CBC labor union -- back in 2014:

'To be absolutely clear – CMG members working for the CBC are permitted to take part in activities outside the workplace.
Article 12 of the agreement says in part: “Employees shall be free to engage in activities, such as voluntary and/or paid work outside their hours of work….” '

The whole thing can be found at: ... ctivities/

It sounds as if Zussman had the required discussion with his immediate supervisor ... there's nothing in the union agreement requiring an employee to take it up the line or to get permision for that mater.

The problem is that grievances/arbitrations can take forever and the guy has to make a living. So even if he wins, he probably doesn't.
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