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Postby jon » Wed Apr 18, 2018 4:01 pm

While it is easy, and initially seems obvious, to write off the running of TV audio on Radio, Business News is much better suited to it than a typical All News Station. "Film at 11" reminds me just how important video is for TV News. On the other hand, BNN's style of Talking Head interviews could translate well to Radio.

All that said, it does not take a lot of "As you can see from this chart" comments by Anchors to ruin an otherwise great program from the Radio listener's point of view.

BNN management will need to do a concerted program of training for their Anchors to make it translate to Radio. And they could even justify it by making it both a Radio "thing" and a service to the Blind. After all, we have Closed Captioning for the Deaf.
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