Shaw Communications rolls out Internet 300

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Shaw Communications rolls out Internet 300

Postby kal » Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:30 pm

Get ready for another round of Internet service price increases.

Shaw Communications has today rolled out Internet 300, around two years after the battle with Telus over 150 Mbps speeds. The basic game plan is to keep increasing the speeds, and the prices for those top tiers. Shaw is limited through technology on the upload side so the 300 plan will have a 20 Mbps cap on the upload. Many users won't care about that. They are consumers. It's not clear whether Telus (so far limited to 150 synchronous) will play the Shaw game. Long term, Telus should be able to do 1 Gbps synchronous but that could be years off.

Shaw looks set to bring its pricing eventually to what people paid for full-service Internet and TV before cord-cutting became a hit on the bottom line. The Internet 300 plan shows regular pricing will be $120 after the promo period expires. Can you say "$150 for $600" say in 2020? Maybe $175 for 1 gig around 2022.
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Re: Shaw Communications rolls out Internet 300

Postby tuned » Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:29 am

What a great scam. Soon it will cost more to just get internet than a full cable package plus internet. Then you'll have to pay for "apps" like netflix and Disney etc. and in the end you'll be spending even more than the old cable "packages". Shaw should spend money fixing their coverage on Freedom. Their LTE is a joke and there are still plenty of spots in Vancouver that have zero coverage. I live in a building where my ONLY option is Shaw. Telus came around a few months ago to get permission to install fibre and haven't been heard from since. Where's the CRTC in all of this? Figuring out new regulations and taxes for the internet on companies like Netflix.
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