Cut Off the Air, 1938

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Cut Off the Air, 1938

Postby cart_machine » Wed Apr 29, 2015 1:49 am

Here's a story from Weekly Variety, July 20, 1938. Note how people are "properly informed" of news only when newspapers report it.

CJOR, Vancouver, Wires Cut During Aircast Of C.P.R. Strike Situation
Vancouver, B.C., July 19.
Hard feelings between stations here over special events broadcasts hit a new high during recent unemployed riots when CJOR’s private wire to the C.P.R. docks was cut in the middle of an on-the-spot description of a mob of 10,000 demonstrators. Riot broadcasts were of great importance as police eviction of 1,000 sit-downers started at 5 a.m. Sunday morning and the city had no news source other than the radio.
No facts have been unearthed to substantiate the suggestion, frequently made, that the sabotage was the idea of some person unfriendly to the station, but this has failed to ease the situation.
Riots caused additional trouble for all the stations as the local dailies burned up over radio’s scoop. One paper even ran an editorial panning the police for staging the eviction on a day when the public could not be properly informed of the situation.

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