One KYAC Down and Another in Doubt

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One KYAC Down and Another in Doubt

Postby jon » Fri Feb 14, 2014 6:02 pm

For the many fans of KYAC's R&B days, whether on 1460, or later on 1250, here is an update from the DX Club, IRCA's DX Monitor, that potentially effects both stations/frequencies.

Family Radio outlet KARR-1460 Kirkland WA, will leave the air at the end of February. According to on-air
announcements, the shut down is due to "a number of factors", most notably the non-renewal of the lease for
the transmitter site. It's not clear whether this is related to Family Radio's financial difficulties. KARR's
transmitter site is in the middle of a residential area, so the property owner may have other (more financially
rewarding) uses in mind for the land. It will be interesting to see what impact there will be on Radio Disney
KKDZ-1250, which shares the site with KARR at night.
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Re: One KYAC Down and Another in Doubt

Postby skyvalleyradio » Sat Feb 15, 2014 9:34 am

jon you beat me to the punch. I didn't want to post this however until I had some confirmation that it wasn't just another rumour. I have been aware for some time that the Kirkland property was up for sale, and Family Radio have permanently shut down some of their AM properties. Feliks Banel's excellent video documentary produced for Seattle cable-TV on KYAC last year also suggested this prime piece of suburbia was up for sale. I agree that KKDZ "Radio Disney" 1250 will have a problem on their hands regarding night signal. There is NO FCC paperwork - applications, CP...anything to suggest a change in KKDZ night operation. Perhaps Disney will also be shutting down 1250?? Sad to see the last remnants of "Soul of the Northwest K-Y-A-C" pass into history... :neutral:
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