Terry McManus, "The Voice of KOL", has died

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Terry McManus, "The Voice of KOL", has died

Postby jon » Thu May 05, 2016 12:15 pm


Ed Bennett reports that Seattle Radio Production Guru Terry McManus has died:

5/3/16 — Former production wiz and air personality Terry McManus has died. He was the voice of Jimmy Stalwart, Gregory Peck, Zollie Nicely (KOL’s booking agent with a heart) Jimmy from Mr. Science and Jimmy (KOL and later KYYX). McManus was also the voice for all national Frank Sinatra spots. For Robin & Maynard, he was the voice for Officer Lee Groinman (Seattles toughest cop), Cecil Blakemore, Pinky Puckerton, Grady Gerry Bumpus, Warden Marshall Warden, Liberace, Manager of the Puppet Warehouse, Sir Cavendish of Longbarrow, Gordon Van der Hoof of Prince George Canada and others. His voice was a constant presence in Seattle radio as well as other parts of the country. He has done voice imaging for KOL, KYYX, KXRX, KZOK and with Robin and Maynard at 100.7 The Buzz. He also did a late night tv cop show on ch.22 called “Nightstick Theater” hosted by Lee Groinman. Another great talent that will be sorely missed. (seatacmedia.com)

Terry has been a topic here at RadioWest a few times over the years. You can hear my favourite KOL Production piece featuring Terry: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=9750
Here are another couple of threads; the first includes audio.

I only ever heard Terry's voice on a Canadian station once, in the early 1970s, doing a Rock Concert spot where a Seattle company was in charge of the Seattle and Vancouver concerts.
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