45 Years Ago, Terry David Mulligan Left CHUM

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45 Years Ago, Terry David Mulligan Left CHUM

Postby jon » Sun Aug 10, 2014 2:43 pm

45 Years and 2 Day Ago, August 8, 1969, Terry David Mulligan left CHUM in Toronto in the middle of his All Night Show, because of a family medical emergency in Vancouver.

The first many of us had heard of Terry being at CHUM was in his recent autobiography. More detail emerged this morning on Dale Patterson's web site:
On August 8, 1969, a new jock started on CHUM.

Forty-five years later, Roger Ashby is still in the CHUM building.

On that first night Ashby - who had just come over from CKOC Hamilton - was sitting in with Terry David Mulligan on the all-night show. Mulligan left to deal with a family emergency so Ashby went on the air at about 3 a.m., playing "And I Love Her" by the Beatles as his first song. Four-and-a-half decades later he continues as one of Canada's most popular and enduring radio personalities, now in mornings on the FM side at CHUM-FM. Happy 45th anniversary at CHUM, Roger Ashby!
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Re: 45 Years Ago, Terry David Mulligan Left CHUM

Postby VanRamblings » Mon Aug 11, 2014 9:38 am

One of the most memorable moments of my life was standing with a group of jocks in the production studio at LG watching the ineffable joy on Terry's face as he played an aircheck of his weekend evening show on CHUM, the booming big city sound of a party rolling through the streets of Toronto - to this day, the BEST radio I've ever heard.
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