Who Will Get the CKAV prime FM frequencies?

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Who Will Get the CKAV prime FM frequencies?

Postby jon » Sat Nov 19, 2016 2:45 pm

An article in today's Winnipeg Free Press focuses on APTN's plans for TV expansion into the U.S., but makes mention, in passing, of their efforts to get the old CKAV-FM licenses:

...APTN has its sights set on launching a new Canadian radio network.

...APTN executives have been spending time in Ottawa these days where five radio licences in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver may be up for grabs.

Aboriginal Voices Radio recently appealed a CRTC ruling that revoked its licence 18 months ago. If it loses the appeal, the commission has said it would prefer an indigenous operator take over those frequencies. La Rose said APTN has put a solid proposal on the table. A decision on those licences may be made within the next few months.
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Re: Who Will Get the CKAV prime FM frequencies?

Postby tuned » Sat Nov 19, 2016 10:25 pm

APTN is already extorting forty million a year out of cable subscribers who are forced to pay for yet another channel they don't want.
Hopefully they won't be sticking taxpayers for a radio network or expansion into the US. Looking at their 2014 financials they sure spend a lot on travel and entertainment. Must be nice to run a business with guaranteed customers forced to buy your product no matter how crappy it is. Welcome to Canadian broadcasting.

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