E-mail I sent to Bell Media Radio ("iHeartRadio")

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E-mail I sent to Bell Media Radio ("iHeartRadio")

Postby dmehus » Fri Oct 12, 2018 8:07 am

Hi everyone,

I thought you guys might get a kick out of this e-mail message I sent to Bell Media Radio ("iHeartRadio") re: their crappy "one-size-fits-all" iHeartRadio websites and web player that just doesn't work. Enjoy!

"Dear Bell Media Radio Technical Support:

I have been trying to listen to Bell Media radio stations, namely Bob FM in Winnipeg & AM 1150 and 101.5 EZ Rock in Kelowna, for the past couple months, to no avail. I have tried listening in the latest Google Chrome web browser version 69, but also via TuneIn Radio's website as well. Neither works. This morning, after about 2 minutes, I heard a few seconds of Phil Johnson's Early Edition on AM 1150 before it cut out and never resumed. As well, to make matters worse, your radio web player doesn't even show any technical errors - it's just a play/pause button - so I can't even tell if it's buffering! It shouldn't be buffering as I'm on a Telus PureFibre fibre optic to the home connection.

Moreover, it's funny that your interstitial video ad with [sic] play clearly and audibly before cutting out as soon it's done! You guys need to radically redo your radio web player and mobile apps because whatever you're doing it's NOT working. RadioPlayer Canada just...works! And, there's not usually an interstitial video ad and I can link to individual radio station streams. :(

Lastly, bring back individual radio station websites instead of these cookie cutter, "one size fits all" iHeartRadio-branded websites with no "personality". You ought to look to what Jim Pattison Broadcast Group and NewCap Radio are doing - they are the "gold standard," in my view, of radio station websites!


Doug M.
[e-mail redacted]"
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Re: E-mail I sent to Bell Media Radio ("iHeartRadio")

Postby paterson » Fri Oct 12, 2018 2:46 pm

Good for you Doug!
I don't really know why Bell Media aligned themselves with iHeartRadio in the first place. iHeart, which owns about 850 radio stations in the US was bankrupt about six months ago. I am sure Bell paid some heavy money for the iHeartRadio brand when it first surfaced on their stations a few years back.

You are right about the radio station websites, all similar look, no personality of the radio station, or in many cases little or no information as to what city they are even located!

These sites are awkward to use, with that useless large banner at the bottom of the page. As you mentioned, attempting to steam is frustrating and usually doesn't work. The "recently played" tab often doesn't come up or very slow to appear on the page.

I emailed one of our local Bell radio stations a few months back to complain about their repetitive music format. KFUN here in Kitchener/Waterloo is 70-90's gold, and if you were listening for the first time you likely would think it was a fairly decent station. However, after a few weeks it is obvious they have a very tight playlist of gold and really burn out artists and songs quickly. Believe me is is just not cancon, they tend to overplay pretty much everything. I can only listen to Black Betty, Jessie's Girl or Bennie and the Jets so many times!

In the email, I also pointed out the visually boring and user unfriendly iHeartRadio websites. KFUN's old website was easier, local, quicker and had much more information and graphics to look at and use. I don't even like Bell's email format that was "improved" about the same time as the radio websites.

I didn't totally trash the station, the on air talent, and promotions are decent, which I passed along. But never did hear back from them.
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Re: E-mail I sent to Bell Media Radio ("iHeartRadio")

Postby Baxter » Sat Oct 13, 2018 6:30 am

And radio wonders why they are in trouble.
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