Prairie-FM Goes Country

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Prairie-FM Goes Country

Postby jon » Mon May 05, 2014 4:05 pm

According to their web site, , Prairie-FM flipped format last Friday, from Classic Hits to Country. Unusual, but not unheard of, the station changed format but retained their branding, although their tag line changed from High Prairie's Greatest Hits to Big Lakes Country.

CKVH-FM is owned by Newcap, broadcasts on 93.5 MHz with 25,000 watts and is located in High Prairie, Alberta. Closest radio market is Slave Lake. Valleyview is a bit closer, but only has a CKYL repeater.
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Re: Prairie-FM Goes Country

Postby TRENT310 » Tue May 06, 2014 7:54 pm

Very nice. I almost thought it was a technical glitch with the online stream.
Well back to the top of my list it goes! I've been trying to figure out what my new favourite radio station is, since CKKY left the air. So far CHLW, er CHSP has been the closest in terms of on-air theme and music format.
I have a server running online streams 24/7 feeding an FM exciter at minimum forward power which covers my acreage property with full quieting. I'll give it a week and see what I think.

Based on my first impression, I feel CKVH is closer to CKWB's format. Segments such as the weather bite are recorded by the same announcer as on The Range.
Good job Newcap, So far I have been still very happy with the level of service the Newcap small-market stations across Alberta offer. In town here in Whitecourt, I would rather listen to CKWB or CFCW than listen to the local CIXM which in my opinion is not run very professionally. (Let's start off with a backup transmitter, or a backup plan for the primary... when power lines go down on the mountain, I'm heading up to the tower sites with generators to keep things running, what are you guys doing sending your news writer up there and getting the radio station minivan stuck?)
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