Campus Radio During the Long University Summer

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Campus Radio During the Long University Summer

Postby jon » Mon Aug 04, 2014 7:16 am

Hadn't tuned in lately, so checked out CJSR-FM, the University of Alberta's campus station, a couple of times yesterday in the late afternoon.

First listen was either that classical piece that is a random amount of silence, or dead air. At least 5 minutes of it, likely a lot longer.

Nearly an hour later, I tuned in again and it was an Edmonton Police spokesman's monologue from 2010. Not that it was boring, just that it was 4 years old.

To put this in perspective, CKUA, when it was a campus station, signed off at the end of the school year and didn't sign on again until the next school year began.

This morning, I think I found the "real answer" when I took a look at the station's official 2014 program schedule. I was listening right in the middle of a 10 hour ethnic programming block, comprising 8 programs in all. Then I realized: all of the hosts were fully occupied with this weekend's Heritage Days Festival.

All that said, to date, although many of the programs are not in my areas of interest, when I do listen to the ones that are, I am not disappointed. Though I am, of course, not expecting to hear the late Robert W. Morgan introduce the music.
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