Nov. 3 - Bryn Griffiths to Mornings on CFCW/Capital-FM/K-97

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Nov. 3 - Bryn Griffiths to Mornings on CFCW/Capital-FM/K-97

Postby jon » Sat Oct 18, 2014 12:42 pm

No formal announcement yet from Newcap, but Bryn Griffiths is reporting that he is leaving his Sales role in Edmonton to go back on air at all three of their Edmonton stations: CFCW-AM, Capital-FM and K-97.

He and Newcap management have developed the concept of a conversational delivery of a combination of News and Sports by Bryn throughout the morning shows of all three stations. Separately, not simulcast, and tailored to each station. It all starts Monday, November 3rd.

Not a lot of additional detail is available yet, but it sounds like there will be no other News or Sports on either of the FMs. From what I can see from the Capital-FM web site, Rob and Audie have been on their own without a News person for some time now, and K-97 hasn't had a separate News person since before Terry, Bill and Steve got back together (Steve has since departed).

As for CFCW-790, I am sure the regular Newscasts will continue, especially since they have been advertising for someone to replace just-retired Morning Newsman Dale Smith.

Looking back, I see that the last post about Bryn was when he moved to All Sports CFAC in Calgary. After a year and a half there, he moved back to Edmonton at the end of 2012 for his current Sales position at Newcap in West Edmonton Mall.

You can read Bryn's complete version of the events that led up to his latest move here: ... again.html
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