Ian Haysom leaving Global BC

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Ian Haysom leaving Global BC

Postby flyonthewall » Tue Feb 26, 2013 10:19 pm

As the fly first speculated back in November...

flyonthewall wrote:In his efforts to try and stay dry, the fly buzzed into Burnaby and right into Global behind a courier.
One of the things he heard was that Wesla Wong is leaving - apparently heading for Kelowna, but not necessarily to Global Okanagan. Word is that she has family in the Okanagan.
If true, this would leave a big gap in the Global BC weather booth with the upcoming departure of Wayne Cox, and as the station continues to prepare to launch the all-news channel in March.

This may not be the last departure from Enterprise as there are unconfirmed rumours that changes could be on the way at the higher payscales.

And it is the top guy in the Burnaby newsroom that is on the way out. Tough to tell from his note to staff, but it sounds like leaving might not have been his choice...

Everyone - the one constant in our business, and our lives, is change. Today I'm announcing a change to our business and my life.

After 15 years here, including a great detour at CHEK, and more than a decade at BCTV and Global, I'm going to be stepping down as news director later this year.

My plan is to leave at the end of May after we launch our news channel - and following the provincial election.

In my future there are interesting journalistic assignments. More on those shortly.

It's been a slice - and a privilege - to be part of this special place, full of talented and wonderful people. I've been lucky - and will always be proud - to have spent this time with the best in the business. Most recently, the Geminis for best newscast in the country and consistently high ratings should tell you how good you all are.

I've also been extremely fortunate to have done just about everything in the news business - delivering newspapers, reporting, feature writing, movie critic, national correspondent, columnist, city editor, editor-in-chief of both The Sun and Province - and then the move to TV, which has been an exciting, unforgettable roller-coaster ride.

In your future are exciting times. Adapting to change is what we do every day. In my many years in journalism I've moved from Gutenberg to Google to Virtual. The media world is more challenging, interesting, and - yes - scarier than ever. But you're up to the challenge. You will keep winning, telling compelling, important stories - as you always do.

Thanks for the memories. I'm sad to be going, but excited about my - and your - future. This is a very special place. And you guys really are something special.

I'll never forget you.



That doesn't leave many of the old guard in the top ranks as Global embarks on the all-news channel sometime soon. The only newsroom name that comes to mind is assignment guy Clive Jackson.
Ian is a classy guy and we wish him the best. More time to play the guitar! :salute:
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Re: Ian Haysom leaving Global BC

Postby Russ_Byth » Wed Feb 27, 2013 10:27 am

Ian was good enough to give me a chance to make the move from radio to TV in May 2011.
Even after I told him after a few overnight shifts of writing for the Morning News that I couldn't hack those hours any more, he and exec prod Susan Lee were good enough to introduce me to Neill Fitzpatrick, the boss at Global National.
When he offered me a job working 730a to 3p, 4 days a week, it was perfect.

I wish Ian the very best in whatever he ends up doing and thank him for taking a chance on me.

(He plays guitar?? Maybe he can join the Requesto Brothers! ;-) )
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