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At CJVB the filling out of these surveys was very interesting... The surveys had to be filled out in one of Canada's two offical languages......
With 23 languages over the course of the week - management had to be on top of each producer to translate the title of every song into english along with the name of the composer. The oriental languages proved most challenging in this regard.

Rounding out this look at Canadian record labels here are four articles from "The Canadian Encyclopedia" on the topic.

To save space here I'll just post the links

This link is for a brief article on SOCAN....
This link is for a brief article on PROCAN... ... anada-emc/
This link is for a brief article on CAPAC..... ... capac-emc/
This final link is a brief article on FACToR... ... actor-emc/

On a personal level this has been a very interesting little project. Thanks for taking the time to read....
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