On The Coast listeners solve Mystery Song

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On The Coast listeners solve Mystery Song

Postby radiofan » Fri Nov 20, 2015 11:08 am

Mystery song recorded off radio stumps everyone for 22 years

UPDATE: CBC readers seem to have solved the mystery of the unknown song - more info below!

By On The Coast, CBC News Posted: Nov 18, 2015 4:21 PM PT| Last Updated: Nov 19, 2015 7:25 PM PT

Getting a song stuck in your head can be pretty annoying sometimes, right? Try getting a song stuck in your head for 22 years.

That's what Vancouver sisters Erin and Robyn Hanson have been facing ever since they recorded a song off the radio in 1993.

They've asked all their music guru friends if they know the song or the artist — no luck.

They've tried Google searches for the lyrics, the Shazam app, and social media — no luck.

They've even turned to music heavyweights like Nardwuar, George Stroumboulopoulos and Buzz Bishop — you guessed it, no luck.

So now they've turned to CBC Radio One's afternoon radio show in Vancouver, On The Coast, for help from them and their listeners.

Here's the recording that the Hanson sisters made. https://soundcloud.com/cbc-vancouver/on ... stery-song

"[I recorded it] thinking it was a U2 song, because at the time, I was a teenager really getting into U2 and I would record anything off the radio I thought was U2," Robyn Hanson told On The Coast host Stephen Quinn.

"It sounds so uncannily like U2 that it drives everyone crazy...The more people listen to it the more people are determined to find out who it is. It stumps everybody."

Here are a few more details about the song:
■It was recorded off a commercial radio station in March 1993; possibly LG73, Z95.3, Rock 101, 92.9 out of Bellingham or 99.3 The Fox.
■The song was played during regular day or evening hours.
■It is not a bootleg.
■And we can say definitively: this is not U2.

So, do you think you know who the artist is or what the song is called?

Mystery of song recorded off radio solved by On The Coast listeners

'All this hard work, it just puts a smile on my face,' says lead singer of mystery band

By On The Coast, CBC News Posted: Nov 19, 2015 6:56 PM PT| Last Updated: Nov 19, 2015 7:44 PM PT

Mystery solved!

On Wednesday, CBC Radio's On The Coast brought you a local music fan's quest to solve a 22-year-old musical puzzle.

In March 1993, Robyn and Erin Hanson recorded a song from a local commercial radio station that they thought was U2.

It wasn't, and ever since, the sisters have been desperate to find out the name of the song they recorded and who the artist was.

After blogging about it, asking many music experts and almost giving up, they turned to CBC Radio One's Vancouver afternoon show, whose amazing fans have solved the mystery.

The song in question is … drumroll please … Ammunition by the Hamilton band, All Good Children


'They exist!'

Robyn Hanson says she's "in disbelief" that she finally has closure to this decades-long mystery.

"This is a 22-year-old quest, it's taken on proportions larger than me and my sister," she told On The Coast host Stephen Quinn.

"That clip you've been playing, that staticky, kind of bad-quality clip, that has been a fragment of my teenage mixtapes.… To hear the recording in its entirety is so surreal.

"It's no longer a figment of my imagination anymore. It's an actual, tangible band. They exist!"

'It puts a smile on my face'

On The Coast also heard from All Good Children guitarist Frank Koren and lead singer Simon Ruzzier.

Koren heard about the mystery on Wednesday night when an ex-bandmate reached out to him on social media trying to remember the name of the song.

"I said, 'Oh yeah, that's Ammunition off the Fetish Fetish record.' I tweeted it out and went to bed and woke up to all this craziness," he said.

"It's flattering … for [this song] to stick around and all this hard work, it just puts a smile on my face," Ruzzier said.

And what happened to All Good Children in the 22 years since Robyn and Erin Hanson heard their song?

"What happens to most bands. We were pretty serious, there were some years where we played upwards of 200 shows a year," Ruzzier said.

"But you get married, you have bills, mortgages … playing local shows in Ontario doesn't pay bills, you know?"

"So we had to get real jobs, and we couldn't fit into our rock star pants anymore and our leather jackets, so we just sort of quit."

Ruzzier said that despite the band breaking up, several of the band members and their families remain close to this day, and he sees Koren almost every week.

Koren has floated the idea of a reunion tour. No word if and when that will happen, or whether there will be any B.C. dates.

To hear the full story, click the audio labelled: Mystery solved! Unknown song recorded 22 years ago identified

http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-c ... -1.3327252
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