Dug Joy and Other Winnipeg Changes

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Dug Joy and Other Winnipeg Changes

Postby jon » Thu Dec 03, 2015 9:28 am

From this morning's Broadcast Dialogue:

Dug Joy and Jeff Daniels have been released as the morning show team at FAB 94.3 Winnipeg. Alix Michaels, now filling-in on morning drive, will move to middays. Kelly Parker has moved into afternoon drive, returning to the on-air slot he’s held in the market for over two decades... Mark Morris, middays at sister station QX104, is going across the street to 92 CITI FM Winnipeg to do afternoon drive beginning next month. Succeeding him at mid-January is Jeff Molnar, the PD/morning show host at The River (CKRV-FM) Kamloops...
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Re: Dug Joy and Other Winnipeg Changes

Postby Neumann Sennheiser » Thu Dec 03, 2015 12:57 pm

Yeah, I looked at the Numeris out today and FAB 94.3 is not looking too great; taking a big drop in overall numbers. Of course I don't know how the morning show specifically measures. I haven't been anywhere near Winnipeg in decades so Dug Joy is the only name I recognize and even that by reputation only.
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Re: Dug Joy and Other Winnipeg Changes

Postby radiofan » Thu Dec 03, 2015 2:20 pm

Sorry to hear about Dug Joy exiting Fab 94.3.

I used to listen to Fab 94.3 a lot. Unlike most Oldies (Classic Hits) stations they played a great variety of tunes, and had a good sized playlist.

Once Pattison took over, they quickly became a cookie cutter oldies station with a very small playlist. Like most others, the repetition got unbearable and I quit listening.

In addition to the music, Dug Joy and Rick Everett were great jocks who not only knew the music they were playing, they also had personality.

I'm sure with the current numbers, Fab 94.3 will soon become something else, without any veteran on-air people.
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Re: Dug Joy and Other Winnipeg Changes

Postby briancook451 » Thu Dec 03, 2015 4:33 pm

I have heard for a while that Pattison is pleased with the numbers for the Peak in both Vancouver and Calgary, although you can wonder why about Calgary. But I've been hearing Pattison wants to expand the Peak brand across the areas they broadcast in. Makes it cheaper when they pipe in pre-recorded shows from the Vancouver studios.
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