Rinse the Blood Off his CBC Saskatoon vest?

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Rinse the Blood Off his CBC Saskatoon vest?

Postby SKradiophile » Thu Aug 11, 2016 2:36 pm

There is rumor about an altercation between two local CBC staffers. The story from a not for public MotherCorp employee is that two weeks ago two of the Saskatoon staff-(may be an on-air personality)-literally got into a shouting/shoving match and because of that, there were security guards posted outside the downtown Saskatoon studios That security ended Friday August 5, At the end of the afternoon show that same day, a relatively new on-air hire it was explained ended his time with CBC and was wished good luck for future endeavors. Odd that a unit already working on what could generously be called a skeleton crew is now down to whatever numbers of staffers remain. Good news, our taxpayers money won't ever be wasted on that exile again.
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Re: Rinse the Blood Off his CBC Saskatoon vest?

Postby the-real-deal » Sun Aug 14, 2016 12:03 am

To quote the National Inquirer newspaper television advertisement of a few years ago...

Male announcer: So, who reads the National Inquirer newspaper !

Person # 1: I do !

Person # 2: I do !

Male Announcer: The National Inquirer newspaper, the paper for inquiring minds...

Female person # 3: LIKE ME !

So, Saskatoon audiophile, why don't you phone the newsroom of the above rag and spill the beans.

Call it "Bloodbath at the CBC in Saskatoon," coming down in three, two, and one ! :yahoo:
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