Dick Orkin Fabulous Radio Commercials

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Dick Orkin Fabulous Radio Commercials

Postby jon » Sun Sep 30, 2007 11:27 am

It only took about five years, but edmontonjobshop.ca finally wised up and started using Dick Orkin to do the same incredible commercials he has been doing for calgaryjobshop.ca for the last five years.

For the uninitiated, Dick is Chickenman, and still runs a very successful radio advertising company. A company that writes and produces the best commercials you'll hear anywhere, bar none. They run from funny to hilarious.

Just heard the first one a few minutes ago on CIRK-FM (K-Rock) as I was setting up to record Terry Evans' return tomorrow morning.

Thanks to Ed Mason for pointing me at on-line versions of some of these ads. We cannot directly host these on RadioWest as we use a U.S. ISP and the ads are copyright, and at least one appears to have an audio watermark intended to create the legal basis for a copyright lawsuit.

http://regionalhelpwanted.com/p/info/17 ... _spots.htm

Here are my three favourite from when 66-CFR Calgary was Oldies and played them:
- Mr. Fish http://regionalhelpwanted.com/corporate ... ichita.mp3
- Forgot - with a nice bit of Homer Simpson thrown in http://regionalhelpwanted.com/corporate ... iangle.mp3
- Mom http://regionalhelpwanted.com/corporate ... racuse.mp3
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