Edmonton Fall 08 S-4 BBM 12+

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Edmonton Fall 08 S-4 BBM 12+

Postby radiofan » Thu Nov 27, 2008 11:08 am

Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who couldn't hear the music.
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Postby jon » Thu Nov 27, 2008 11:23 am

It seems clear that finally using the words "Smooth Jazz" couldn't save them at Magic 99. After all, the rest of the world is dropping both the music and the branding.

And Sonic is certainly going nowhere fast.

Both seem like pretty good targets for Rogers if they still want an All News station on FM in Edmonton.

Capital-FM proves their new found health is not just a one shot deal in the ratings. And CBX is a real surprise. On the other hand, the CBX-FM format change sure isn't doing much for them.
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Edmonton Journal

Postby jon » Fri Nov 28, 2008 9:36 am

CHED stays atop ratings
rock stations stumble

Sandra Sperounes
The Edmonton Journal
Friday, November 28, 2008

EDMONTON - Is Edmonton losing its taste for rock?

The city's three rock radio stations all stumbled in the fall ratings, according to Bureau of Broadcast Measurement.

The Bear 100.3 FM, which was No. 1 in the summer, dropped to third place -- with a 9.6 share of listeners. That's a drop of two points from July and August, which is usually considered the worst time for attracting listeners.

Sonic 102.9 FM garnered a 4.8 share -- a decrease of 1.5 -- while the return of K-97 wasn't exactly welcomed with open arms. The classic-rock station, formerly known as K-Rock, only pulled in a 4.4 share -- or a drop of 0.7 from the summer.

A share is based on the number of people (aged 12 and older) who tune in and the length of time they listen. The fall survey was conducted between Sept. 1 and Oct. 26. A random sample of listeners was asked to keep diaries for a week.

The Bear's general manager and vice-president, Marty Forbes, says this survey method is often to blame for rock radio's declining numbers. Many radio executives think the diary system is inaccurate, but electronic diaries are expected to be introduced soon and could reduce these weird ratings blips.

Last year, for example, the city's two country stations inexplicably lost a large chunk of their listeners, according to a BBM survey, but they've since rebounded -- with CISN 103.9 FM now in second place. It scored a 10.6 share in the fall ratings.

Once again, 630 CHED, an all-talk station, topped the list with an 11.4 share.

The Bounce 91.7 FM notched a 9.2 share, its highest rating since launching in 2005. The Top 40 outlet is the only one of the city's newest stations to be attracting more listeners with every survey.

Both Sonic and Magic 99.3 FM, which also hit the airwaves in 2005, are floundering, which doesn't bode well for the next round of stations expected to launch.

Last month, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission approved four new commercial radio licences, including an alternative-rock format and an outlet geared to women.



Here's a rundown of the stations and their fall ratings (compared with their summer numbers):

1. CHED -- 11.4 (9.7)

2. CISN -- 10.6 (9.3)

3. The Bear -- 9.6 (11.6)

4. The Bounce -- 9.2 (8.1)

5. EZ Rock -- 7.8 (6.4)

6. CBC Radio 1 -- 7.1 (5.6)

7. CFCW -- 6.6 (6.7)

8. Capital FM -- 6.4 (6.8)

9. Joe -- 6.1 (5.1)

10. Sonic -- 4.8 (6.3)

11. K-97 -- 4.4 (5.7)

12. CKUA -- 3.0 (3.9)

13. CBC Radio 2 -- 2.3 (1.7)

14. Magic -- 1.7 (2.1)

15. CFRN -- 1.5 (1.8)

16. iNews 880 -- 1.0 (0.6)

17. CHFA -- 0.2 (0.0)
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Morning Show Ratings, too

Postby jon » Fri Nov 28, 2008 5:33 pm

Nov 28, 2008
16:14 pm, Graham Hicks / General, 90 words


The Bureau of Broadcast Measurements Fall 2008 (fourth quarter) Survey for Edmonton. Market share is a combination of number of listeners and hours listened. Number in parenthesis is the same figure for the same quarter in 2007. The numbers are for Greater Edmonton only.

1. CHED, 11.4 share (11.7)
2. CISN, 10.6 (8.2)
3. The Bear, 9.6 (10.9)
4. CBC1, 9.5 (7.0)
4. The Bounce, 9.2 (7.8)
5. EZ Rock 7.8 (9.2)
6. CBC1 7.1 (5.1)
7. CFCW 6.6 (6.5)
8. Capital FM 6.6 (Big Earl, 2.4)
9. JOE-FM 6.1 (8.7)
10. Sonic 4.8 (4.8)
11. K-97 4.4 (5.9)
12. CKUA 3.0 (2.7)
13. Magic 99 1.7 (2.8)
14. The Team 1260 1.5 (1.6)
15. iNews880 (1.0)

Morning show rankings:

1. CHED, 14.4 (13.4)
2. CISN, 10.6 (9.6)
3. The Bear, 9.9 (12.0)
4. CBC1, 9.5 (7.0)
5. The Bounce, 9.8 (8.0)
6. EZ Rock, 6.9 (7.9)
7. CFCW, 6.8 (7.4)
8. JOE-FM, 5.6 (8.7)
9. Sonic 5.2 (4.5)
10. Capital FM 5.1 (1.6 as Big Earl)
11. K-97 4.5 (5.8)
12. The Team 1260 1.7 (2.0)
13. Magic 99, 1.3 (2.0)

from Graham Hicks' Edmonton Sun blog at http://blog.canoe.ca/hicksonsix
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Postby jon » Fri Nov 28, 2008 5:51 pm

Interesting to compare the two numbers: overall v.s. Morning Show.

I would explain the major differences as follows:

CHED's morning show with Gord Whitehead is when most people listen the most to the station. Including those who tune in for the 10 minute traffic helicopter reports, before and on their way to work, and just stick around the rest of the time. Is it really worth tuning elsewhere for fear of not being back 8 1/2 minutes later?

Higher numbers overall than for mornings for Easy Rock and Capital-FM highlight the strong Music at Work audience of both stations. And the much smaller audience that other stations have in mid-days.

For JOE-FM, the difference reflects the strength of Gary James in Afternoon Drive.

The comparitive strength of Sonic's morning show temper my previous comments about Rogers' willingness to "blow up" the station for All News (which would require CRTC approval). But I certainly could see them tinkering with some or all of the other dayparts.
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Postby jon » Sat Nov 29, 2008 9:22 am

There has been some talk about the 5 year limitation on selling Specialty Licenses, as it applies to Magic 99. Original license was issued April 5, 2004, so that probably translates into a sale as early as next Spring.
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Postby jon » Sun Nov 30, 2008 7:54 pm

From this morning's Hicks on Six in the Edmonton Sun:


The fall radio ratings report from the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement shows not much has changed.

There's been no great move away from radio, despite the choices.

About 20% of the total audience listens to news and sports, 20% to rock music, 30% pop, 20% country, 10% everything else.

But so many more radio stations now compete for the same ears.

For adult soft rock or pop, we have three stations. For rock, three. And four more music stations will enter the fray in 2009.

The top ranked stations are those with the least competition for their target listeners.

No. 1 CHED has its own, still-tiny, iNews880 and the CBC as news competition, only Team 1260 for sports competition. Country is split between CFCW and CISN.

The Bounce, seeking the youth "urban" audience, is the fifth most listened to station in town because it has no competition for that societal slice! The full radio station rankings can be found in today's blog.

Those doing well include CHED, CISN-FM, The Bear and Bounce.

CBC Radio 1 had its best Edmonton "book" ever.

Happy with their lot are the new Capital FM, CFCW, EZ Rock and Team 1260.

Those facing audience declines are Joe-FM, K-97, Magic 99 and Sonic.
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Postby jon » Tue Dec 09, 2008 8:26 pm

Sandra Sperounes, The Edmonton Journal
Published: Monday, December 08, 2008

"Floundering? FLOUNDERING?" Those were the words echoing in my ear, courtesy of Sonic 102.9 FM's program director, Al Ford.

He wasn't entirely happy with my description of the modern-rock station's performance in the last few rounds of radio ratings.

After notching its best numbers last year -- an 8.0 share of listeners -- Sonic is now nearing its lowest. It only earned a 4.8 share in this fall's survey, down from 6.3 in the summer, according to the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement.

A share is based on the number of people aged 12 and older who tune in and the length of time they listen.

"Both Sonic and Magic 99, which ... hit the airwaves in 2005, are floundering," I wrote in a recent story.

Ford disagrees with my assessment.

He's proud of Sonic's numbers: The station is pulling in better ratings than its counterparts in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.

He also thinks Sonic's eclectic playlist, which includes Paramore, Death Cab For Cutie, Kaiser Chiefs and Metric, might only appeal to a niche market. "It's a fringe format," he says. "We're a boutique on Whyte."

I disagree with his assessment.

When Sonic launched, it was attracting the same -- if not more -- listeners as the station's competitor, The Bear 100.3 FM, which plays Nickelback, Metallica, AC/DC and Guns N' Roses. Only in the last year has The Bear left Sonic in the dust -- polling a 9.6 share in the most recent survey.

So what does The Bear do better? Is the music it plays really the difference?

I'm not convinced. But I do think The Bear's community profile is stronger. Their billboards are everywhere, Yukon Jack writes a weekly newspaper column, Paul Brown appears on Citytv, and their event branding, from the Halloween Howler to The Bear's Children Fund, is second to none.

Then again, competition between the two stations might be a lot tighter than the ratings reflect.

The current survey system -- which requires listeners to fill out diaries -- is flawed and will be replaced next fall by the Personal People Meter. It's a electronic device which listeners have to wear.

The PPM was recently tested in Montreal. In one case, a station discovered its hockey broadcasts were attracting three times the listeners measured under the old system.
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