Edmonton Fall 09 BBM / PPM All Persons 2+

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Edmonton Fall 09 BBM / PPM All Persons 2+

Postby radiofan » Thu Dec 10, 2009 11:38 am

Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who couldn't hear the music.
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My Crystal Ball Says...

Postby jon » Thu Dec 10, 2009 1:49 pm

Lots of surprises to talk about, but first let me make a "bold prediction" (yeah, right):
The Bounce and Sonic numbers are reversed. I'm predicting the BBM will re-publish the numbers. And when they do, we'll change the numbers you see above. So, I better state that, as I write this, CHDI (Sonic) shows a 9.8% SHARE, while CHBN (The Bounce) shows a 5.3. I just can't believe that it is mere coincidence that these numbers are pretty much a swap between the ratings of each station in the last ratings.

Leaked ratings a couple of months back prepared us for the great showing of Capital-FM (CKRA). As much as I agree that everyone at Newcap has done a great job with the station, I still think the #1 factor was the CRTC ruling last January that removed the "No Hits Rule" on FM stations that effectively limited the number of pre-'80s songs they could play each week.

The CUME numbers are also quite interesting. JOE-FM, Easy Rock and The Bounce are all just about exactly one million. Capital-FM is not far behind at 955 thousand. Oddly, CHED is at 721 thousand, though that doesn't count the large rural audience.
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Re: Edmonton Fall 09 BBM / PPM All Persons 2+

Postby brynster » Thu Dec 10, 2009 2:23 pm

Got to be careful here. It's simply impossible, nor wise, to compare this book to any other previous ones since it's an apples to oranges situation. PPMs and Diaries are two different animals. As of today, all radio numbers in Edmonton are starting from scratch. Don't put too much stock into anything for a full year. That's how long it may take to truly break things down in the new PPM world.

Also, those other old Diary numbers are 12+ while the new PPM's are 2+
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Hicks on Ratings

Postby jon » Thu Dec 10, 2009 10:21 pm

From Graham Hicks' Edmonton Sun blog:

The Fall 2009 radio rankings for Edmonton, with big surprises for Capital FM and Sonic

The latest BBM radio listenership survey, shifting from a diary reporting system to "personal people meters," had some startling results.

My Art of Conversation co-hosts Rob Christie and Audie Lynds broke out the bubbly yesterday. Their station, classic pop 96.3 Capital FM, vaulted from a 6.4 share one year ago to a 10.5 share, from eighth to second place.
An excellent accomplishment, given Capital FM was only launched in its current format in the spring of '08, and its first "books" were in the 4 to 5 share range.

(A "share" is a percentage, a formula based on number of people and number of hours of listenership. In the Edmonton market, each "share" point is worth an extra $800,000 in advertising revenue.)

Sonic 102.9 was over the moon. The contemporary rock station, launched just five years ago, almost doubled from a 4.8 share last year to a 9.0 share, good for fourth place.

Third on the happiness list was quasi-nostalgia pop station 92.5 JOE-FM. The diary system had been showing a steady decline in listenership for JOE-FM. With the meter system, JOE-FM jumped from a 6.1 share this time last year to 8.2, from ninth to sixth.

Have to mention the all-sports Team 1260 had its best book ever, with a 2.3 share, as did iNews 880 with a 2.1 share.

At the other end of the scale was Top 40 91.7 The Bounce, from a 9.2 share last year to a 5.2 share.
You never know. This could be a glitch, but the new Hot 107 is already in full pursuit of the Bounce audience.

Poor old soft-jazz Magic 99 continues to bottom-feed with a miserable 1.4 share. Speculation is owners Rawlco are just hanging on until such time as they can seek permission from the federal regulators to change formats.

And it looks like CBC1 had its moment of glory, jumping earlier this year to a 9.2 share with 7 shares on either side. Now it has slipped back to its usual 5.8 range.

To recap, the results of the BBM's 2009 fall book, for 12+ audience, in Greater Edmonton. These numbers may be slightly different from other reports, as the BBMs only make public its ratings for all-ages, including the 0 to 12 year olds.

1. CHED, 11.8 (11.4)

2. Capital FM, 10.5 (6.4)

3. CISN, 10.0 (10.6)

4. Sonic, 9.0 (4.8)

5. The Bear, 8.3 (9.6)

6. Joe-FM, 8.2 (6.1)

7. EZ Rock, 8.0 (7.8)

8. CBC1, 5.8 (7.1)

9. K97, 5.5 (4.4)

10. CFCW, 5.2 (6.6). Doesn’t include rural audience.

10. The Bounce, 5.2 (9.2)

12. Team 1260, 2.3 (1.5)

13. iNews 880, 2.1 (1.0)

14. CBC2, 2.0 (2.3)

15. Magic 99, 1.4 (1.7).

All other stations not belonging to the BBM measurement system, the new Hot 107, CKUA, CJCA The Light, Shine FM, CJSR, a combined 4.7 share.
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Edmonton Journal - ratings

Postby jon » Thu Dec 10, 2009 10:23 pm

Sonic big winner in new Edmonton radio ratings
By Sandra Sperounes, edmontonjournal.com
December 10, 2009

EDMONTON — New survey methods, a few new results. Sonic 102.9 FM is the big winner in the first set of Edmonton radio ratings measured by an electronic device known as the Portable People Meter (PPM).

Under the old system, listeners were asked to keep weekly diaries of their tuning habits.

Sonic, the city’s modern rock station, is now the fourth most popular frequency — with a 9.8 share of listeners, according to the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement.

A share is based on the number of people who tune in and the length of time they listen.

Prior to this latest survey, Sonic usually hovered toward the bottom half of the city’s 17-plus stations.

Sonic’s program director, Al Ford, is ecstatic with the new PPM ratings. The device, which detects hidden audio codes in radio signals, was worn by each listener in the eight-week survey, from Aug. 31 to Nov. 29.

“Of course we’re happy. It’s far more accurate. It’s not based on perception anymore,” he says. “It’s measured listening.”

For comparison, the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement also compiled the latest ratings using its traditional diary system. Sonic placed 11th with only a 5.2 share.

(For a full list of stations and their rankings, read my blog, Plugged In, at edmontonjournal.com/blogs.)

No matter how your measure their listenership, there are a few stations that remain sacrosanct in Edmonton.

Even with the new PPM devices, 630 CHED tops the ratings — with a 11.7 share of listeners, while country station CISN 103.9 FM is second with 10.3.

Capital 96.3 FM, which has been rising since it switched to classic hits last year, is third with 9.9.

The city’s Top 40 station, The Bounce 91.7 FM, was the big loser in the new ratings — tied for eighth with country station CFCW. Both earned a 5.3 share. (Under the diary system, The Bounce pulled in a 9.2.)

Hot 107, a new pop, dance and hip-hop station, isn’t included in these numbers.

The station, which launched in October and is actively trying to woo listeners from The Bounce, commissioned its own survey by Leger Marketing.

“Approximately one of every five 18-44 year-olds in (Edmonton) now listen to Hot 107 on a weekly basis!” reads the station’s news release.

Hot 107, owned by John Yerxa, is one of four new stations approved by the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission last year.

A second, launched by Rawlco Radio, is currently testing its signal at 102.3 FM. The adult-contemporary station is playing a loop of four songs, including Landon Pigg’s This Far and Dead By Sunrise’s Inside of Me.

Rawlco also owns the city’s smooth jazz station, Magic 99.3, which earned a 1.3 share in the new PPM ratings.
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Hicks on Six

Postby jon » Fri Dec 11, 2009 8:49 am

Today's Hicks on Six column includes the same ratings table as Graham's blog shown above, so I'll omit the table, but the other information is quite different:


The move of the radio listenership bible, the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement (the BBMs), from a "diary" reporting system to a radio-monitoring device carried by those being surveyed, has produced some startling changes in the fall "book."

Two stations, Capital FM and Sonic, nearly doubled their audience.

"People are listening to way more stations (i.e. station hopping) than they recorded on diaries," says CHED boss Doug Rutherford.

"The hours listened went way up, because of the accuracy of the meters."


New youth station Hot 107 says its research shows one out of every five Edmontonians age 18 to 44 is already listening to Hot 107. My teens certainly like the new station.

In today's blog, more on radio winners (Capital FM, Sonic, Joe-FM and EZ Rock) and losers (Bounce, Magic 99, CBC).
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