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Popcorn Playhouse on FaceBook

PostPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 1:17 pm
by jon

A big thanks for joining the "Fans of Popcorn Playhouse" group - we have over grown to over 1300 members!

The postings in the group include hundreds of remarkable stories of Popcorn Playhouse experiences - from those that have and have not been on the show, including contributions from supporting staff.

Reading all of these stories really makes for a enjoyable walk down memory lane. There are also videos, photographs, cartoons, ..etc.

Our very good friend Klondike Eric is here! Mr Neville has been responding to posts and providing insight of the workings of the show.

We now have a facebook 'page' that's been created for the Fans of Popcorn Playhouse and it's located here:!/pag ... 6043077470

Please visit/like the new page and don't forget to share your stories!

John Strymecki - "Fans of Popcorn Playhouse" group administrator