Strange antenna patterns (on receive!)

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Strange antenna patterns (on receive!)

Postby Toomas Losin » Sun Mar 16, 2014 8:22 pm

Due to space, my Pennant antenna is not exactly positioned in free-space. Perhaps nearby metal objects or trees(?) are affecting its receive pattern, causing strange results.

Tonight's evidence supporting this is that while listening to 1330 with my PL-390 I only heard KKPZ Portland, including its top of the hour ID at 21:00 PDT so there is no doubt. At the same time, the R71a connected to the Pennant antenna didn't heard KKPZ at all, instead I heard the top of the hour ID for KXXJ Juneau.

What makes this really interesting is that other stations due south, KFBK Sacramento, KGO San Francisco, and XEPE Tecate, are audible with the Pennant. Perhaps I have a weird null pointing into the sky in the direction that the signal from KKPZ is coming from, or perhaps the less than ideal location is causing the expected null to point at that weird angle.

Interesting, no? I really do need to start playing with a variable resistance to see how steerable the Pennant's null is.
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