The day after its layoffs-Clear Channel (

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The day after its layoffs-Clear Channel (

Postby Tape Splicer » Thu Oct 27, 2011 9:29 am

Does CLEAR CHANNEL have holdings in Canada? If so, how many of those layoffs apply here? It is reported that some 700 people were let go across the US.

The following is from "" web page

The day after its layoffs, Clear Channel announces its new national team
Among the new team leaders is longtime programming consultant Guy Zapoleon, who becomes Vice President of Digital Music Programming. Here's the lineup, just announced:

• The "National Programming Platforms Team" will be led by Tom Poleman, who was given the title of president of that division in the summer, at the same time Darren Davis was named Senior VP and General Manager of National Programming Platforms.

• Guy Zapoleon will be based in Boston, for his new job as VP of Digital Music Programming, working with the New iHeartRadio and the 80+ digital-only stations. Zapoleon was the first music director of oldies "K-Earth 101" KRTH, Los Angeles, and programmed in Tucson (KRQQ), Pittsburgh (then-B94 WBZZ) and Phoenix (KZZP) before becoming Nationwide Communications' national PD. He helped create early hot AC "Mix 96.5" KHMX, Houston, then launched his own Zapoleon Media Strategies in 1992. That company announced this morning that partner and Senior VP Mark St. John will take over operation of the Houston-based consultancy.

• Dennis Clark becomes VP of Talent Development for the National Programming Platforms team. Clark began in radio as a staff producer for the Rick Dees show at KIIS-FM, Los Angeles in 1986, then joined The Research Group in 1995 and did consulting in Europe. In 2005 he returned to the U.S. and KIIS-FM as executive producer for Ryan Seacrest.

• Zena Burns is the new VP of Digital Programming. For the last five years, Zena has been the Online Program Director for Clear Channel-New York. Before that, Burns was the Entertainment Director for TEEN People Magazine and Managing Editor of, for Time Inc. She is based in New York.

• Darren Pfeffer is the new VP of Music & Entertainment Marketing, working on companywide promotions and events. Pfeffer worked with Tom Poleman as an executive producer of the recent iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. He was previously Director of Marketing for Clear Channel-New York.

• Alissa Pollack, now the executive VP of Integrated Music Marketing at Mediabase, will also serve the new National Programming Platforms unit. Pollack started as an intern at Z100, New York in 1991 and joined Premiere in 1997 as a regional marketing manager.

• Marissa Morris will be Manager, Artist Relations and Promotions.

• Melissa Webb will be Senior Director, "responsible for high-level project management and analysis across the National Programming Platforms department."
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Re: The day after its layoffs-Clear Channel (

Postby Tape Splicer » Thu Oct 27, 2011 10:01 am

From the same web site - here is the news item announcing that employees are being let go.
Painful Clear Channel RIFs, across its medium and small markets
The Discussion Boards here at have been monitoring the changes since they began on Wednesday morning, mostly in programming. Look on the Board you're interested in to see the latest information on names, and conversation about what's next. The Boards are here. To sample a few markets:

- In Sacramento, the Board noticed that KFBK (1530) traffic reporter Sheldon Orviss was missing. Sheldon also did middays on R&B oldies “V101.1” KHYL.

- In Omaha, PM drive host Tom Becka is out at news/talk KFAB, Omaha (1110), news that he posted on Facebook.

- In Bismarck, the list of cuts includes Bill Hickock at traditional country KBMR (1130), Uncle Jack at “Rock 101” KSSS, Genia Kelly at country KQDY (94.5) and KFYR (550) news director Jason Hulm.

- In Albany, New York, WTRY-FM (98.3) morning host John Gabriel is one of four people out of work. In New York's Hudson Valley cluster, WRNQ-FM (92.1) Poughkeepsie midday host Michelle Taylor & afternoon host Rick Knight were two of at least five people fired.

- Syracuse: after 27 years with WSYR-FM (106.9), veteran talk host Jim Reith was replaced by syndicated talk host Sean Hannity

- Rochester, New York: WHAM-AM (1180) host Beth Adams is among three staffers cut loose.

- Memphis: Ty Hawkins of "101.9 Radio Now" KWNW posted on his Facebook page, "Laid off today." WDIA (1070) afternooner Jeff Lee is gone, and so is production director Aisha Raison, along with at least three others.

- Sarasota: country WCTQ (106.5) says goodbye to PD/afternoon driver Tim Jones ( Also APD/MD/midday host Heidi Decker, WTZB-FM (105.9) PD James Russell and sister-station WSRZ-FM (107.9) producer & station webmaster Chris Hengel.

- In Williamsport, PA, there are cuts at both country "Bill 95 FM" WBYL and hot AC "Kiss 102.7" WKSB. At "Bill," morning personality Ted Bennett is gone. There appear to be no local air talents left in the lineup, with Clear Channel's Premium Choice carrying the load. At "Kiss," middayer Lou Kolb is out after more than 30 years in the western Pennsylvania market. It's worth noting that Kolb has had years of ratings success at Kiss - and he's blind. The Northeast Pennsylvania Board of adds that "Kiss" morning show co-host Gail Bair is out, along with PM driver Tom Turner. See what the Board at is saying, here.
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Re: The day after its layoffs-Clear Channel (

Postby hagopian » Thu Oct 27, 2011 3:45 pm

I have been waiting for this to happen. Clear Channel is BANKRUPT = 19 BILLION in IOU's coming there goes anyone making money.

Darn sad part is - the radio business , in the USA, has been gutted.

The stations will all be repeating the same crummy programming.

No wonder people are looking at Itunes and doing shows for that platform.

Sad day for radio.
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Re: The day after its layoffs-Clear Channel (

Postby albertaboy4life » Thu Oct 27, 2011 4:08 pm

As far as I know, Clear Channel only has an outdoor advertising business (aka billboards) in Canada.
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Re: The day after its layoffs-Clear Channel (

Postby drmusic » Thu Oct 27, 2011 5:40 pm

Are they still promoting concerts here?
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Re: The day after its layoffs-Clear Channel (

Postby BossRadio » Thu Oct 27, 2011 11:51 pm

Really,CC? Sledge hammering a slew of well-known/beloved/listener-friendly local personages on the same day,and spinning that it makes radio somehow more listenable? So,you'll be making your voicetracked personality available to m.c.the local Walk for A Cure,interview a local hero,or maybe act as Santa in his local parade,right? No?

On the plus side,CC,your massive fail to spin this blunder will at least make the blogosphere,podcasts and tv E-shows more interesting this week,as many of the recently fired are well known for work outside of their radio gigs,and will also make for good interviews.Oh,wait..,maybe that's NOT a positive thing for you,CC.Yet again.

Btw,has anyone sucessfully bought a regular am/fm radio in any chain stores "shiny/noisy-thing" department recently? Go ahead,ask for one...and get set to for look of incomprehension on the faces of most employees.Priceless.
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Re: The day after its layoffs-Clear Channel (

Postby Karen » Fri Oct 28, 2011 4:37 pm

Don't Artral and Vista run their smaller market stations the same way as CC?

Other than a morning show and maybe an afternoon drive show, what's really live and local at most of their stations? How much of the content on Astral's recent EZ Rock brandings throughout the
hinterlands of BC actually originates out of Kelowna? How many stations in these chains actually have accounting or traffic departments? Isn't most of that work done out of a central location these
days? The same goes vfor production and writing. A commercial for a client in The Kootenays might be written and produced in Kelowna and voiced by someone at HQ in Duncan.

Bottom line: It's all for the shareholders, screw the worker bees and the listeners.

And it sucks.
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Re: The day after its layoffs-Clear Channel (

Postby slowhand » Fri Oct 28, 2011 4:50 pm

Funny you should mention Astral's EZ Rock stations in B.C. 10 years ago under Telemedia they were the textbook example of cookie cutter formatting and voice tracking with little if any live programming. All heavily controlled and perhaps even voiced from headquarters in Central Canada.

The way Karen describes it makes it sound like things have actually improved!
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