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Postby segueking2 » Wed Jul 19, 2006 8:42 pm


Bush is fried. He's either drinking, smoking pot, medicated, or some combination of all of them. Either that or the man has taken a one-way trip to crazy town.

Watch his gibberish at the G8, especially the bizarre stuff about how long the plane flights to various countries are. If you take out the comments of the other leaders (because they actually sound intelligent and not like drunken bar talk) and just read what Bush says, he sounds just like someone who is more than half looped.

"Gotta go home. Gotta do sumthin tonight. Get ona plane. Go home. It's a long flight. How long is your flight? That's a long flight. Your country is big. His country is big too." Retarded or stoned, you decide.

This is the kind of mindless bar drivel that drunks who can't shut up drone on with. They just keep running their mouths, totally disconnected from the non-verbal clues of the people around them.

Watch the press conference where Bush couldn't stop talking about the pig roast. It didn't matter what anyone asked him, he just kept saying whatever his addled brain was looping on, in this case, the pig. Typical stoned behavior. It reminded me of the time Bush went to Canada and couldn't get off the subject of the mouth one of the Canadian Prime Minister's staff members! "You've got a purty mouth." Not once but several times. "You've sure got a purty mouth." And, "Your mouth is prettier than my Scott's mouth." (The poor guy's name was Scott.) Who does this? Outside of bars or institutions, I mean.

Watch Bush's body language at the table with Blair talking over his shoulder. Bush is sitting, almost slouched back in his chair, like a guy at a barbeque on his second or third 6 pack, chomping on his food with his mouth open, and making minimal effort to intelligently keep up his end of the conversation by occasionally throwing in something he mistakenly thinks is sufficient.

Watch the body language of the other leaders and the way they react to him. With the exception of Blair, they act very restrained and controlled around Bush, maintaining a public facade of geniality while holding back from actually being engaged with him. What seems to be obsequiousness from Blair may actually be him simply trying to get through the fog around Bush's brain to penetrate with a little reality without setting him off. Meanwhile, Bush's social modus operandi with everyone, including other world leaders, is to overuse forced jocularity and pretend intimacy to convey a relationship that does not exist.

When he walked up behind the German leader and started giving her an unsolicited shoulder massage, her body tightened up and she actually grimaced. She wasn't enjoying that, she was enduring it. Before that Bush can be seen wandering aimlessly around the room while the rest of the grown-ups were conducting the business they were there for.

This is not normal behavior. Watch him closely sometime when he's having trouble staying coherent and you can see his eyes come in and out of focus. He does it at the table when Blair is speaking to him and he's looking out across the room as he chomps open-mouthed on his food. This is a distinct change from Bush's speech and behavior at other times. In fact, radical variations in his behavior and speech can be seen by watching him when he is unscripted. Sometimes he's coherent, other times he looks like staying coherent long enough to get a sentence out is almost beyond him, (these are the times he seems to get mean-drunk angry when anyone dares to question him), and sometimes he is just off-the-wall bizarre.

I'll say it again; the man is plastered, stoned, or medicated. This goes a long way to explaining how he is so incredibly disengaged from war, disasters and their destructive effects: he is too out of it to relate. Drunks and addicts are incapable of empathy, everything is about them and their next high. When Cheney shot that guy, Bush acted like he had just found out about it days after it happened. Same with New Orleans. Bodies were rotting in the ruins of the city, when Bush had been warned that it could, and likely would happen, happen, and Bush's response was to reminisce about partying.

There are bizarre internet rumors of a personal portable toilet for Bush to use when overseas, (to prevent foreign analysis of his excrement)

Normally I would blow them off as some of the wilder of conspiracy theories, but watching Bush's actions over the last week, I can't help but wonder, to what lengths would they go to hide it if it were true? If he is too incapacitated?

What would they do to keep up the appearance of his functionality? Who could or would step up and do anything about it if he is unfit to serve? The people around him are not people willing to part with the power they have granted themselves, and that's an understatement. And with Bush at the top of the chain and out of the loop, or just plain looped, who is holding anybody below him accountable? His staff? Congress and the Media have abdicated their responsibilities, who will do it?

Hell, they're all trying to give him, and therefore themselves, even more unlimited power than they have already taken. As long as they can keep up the illusion that he's decide.

>>>>Thoughts on this stuff....I mean this man is the President of the USA. If he is having trouble - they better get him some help, or we could be laughing out of the other side of our mouths.
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Postby Neumann Sennheiser » Thu Jul 20, 2006 9:58 pm

segueking2 wrote: ....I mean this man is the President of the USA. If he is having trouble - they better get him some help, or we could be laughing out of the other side of our mouths.

Yeah, remember how funny and harmless it was years ago when it was Boris Yeltsin playing the besotted fool on the world stage. What did we care about or fear from the reprecussions then? Hell, it was just old funny drunk Boris, leader of a once mighty but now crumbling former socialist empire.
This time it's the friggin president of the United States of America and arguably the most powerful man in the western world!
Not just sad but genuinely scarey!
Somebody grab this guys keys!
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Postby mike marshall » Sat Jul 22, 2006 10:18 pm

Somebody grab this guys keys!

It gets even scarier when you realize that Cheney is the designated driver.
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