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Postby tuned » Wed Aug 02, 2006 9:14 am

Clear Channel's new morning show host Whoopi Goldberg is trying to convince New Yorkers that her touchy, feely, warm and fuzzy "let's all focus on the positive" brand of radio is what they need. Exciting segments like "Manners Monday" which discuss the lack of civility in modern society are certain to reel in dozens of listeners. According to one published story "Whoopi praised callers who touted experiences that ranged from creating jewelry for adoptive parents to playing music at senior centers. Under the ?Manners Monday? theme, she took calls about thank-you notes and listeners? pet peeves about the erosion of civility." The show is airing in the Big Apple for a couple of weeks before morning listeners across the country are assaulted by radios Oprah.
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