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Boss Radio Movie

Postby The Unknown Copywriter » Fri May 08, 2015 9:57 pm

Back in 2007, I wrote a screenplay.

Originally the plan was to write a book, but a screenplay meant I'd see the finish line of the project a whole lot quicker.

And so, combining personal experience, legend, and a few scenes that had been playing around in my head for some time, I wrote "Boss".

In movie lingo, the "log line" [a one line synopsis to capture the attention of a potential producer] and pitch read like this:

A rookie radio announcer survives 1960's small town beginnings to become a big city “Boss Jock” during the defining days of Top-40 radio.

Low on experience but filled with desire, Victor Yaklovitch is Castle Creek’s new, untried all-night DJ. No rock and roll...just learn the job and play “nice music” till the morning show arrives. But when Victor inadvertently puts his station in a difficult situation, it’s time to move on.

Victor gets his major market break, but the politics of business, a vicious feud with a competing station, his fellow announcers, and a beautiful classical music connoisseur whose preferences are on the flip-side of Victor's are more than he ever requested...leaving him to re-evaluate the meaning of success.

“Boss” mixes personal experiences and legendary events with a relevant, solid gold soundtrack to bring you behind the microphone with the personalities who ruled the AM dial in the late 60's and early 70's.

I'd never written a screenplay before, but I managed to acquire professional coverage, and at one point had representation from what's probably the biggest talent agency in town.

Well, my agent left that company, things got busy at my end, and "Boss" has since just laid around.

Not knowing if it'll ever see the light of a movie screen, I've now decided I'd like to share with you.

If you're bored to tears and have time to spare, send me e-mail and I'll send you the script as a PDF file:

I probably won't be able to reply to your request for a few days, but please send your e-mail anyway if you're interested.

If you decide to take me up on this offer and worked during those days, please keep something in mind...

I did my best to present as realistic a slice of the business at that time as possible, even though I didn't work on air, and certainly not during that era, because I know how important it is to get it right. However, with 30 years in the business, many of those spent in the company of those who were there, I think I did a pretty good job combining realism with the tweaks required to make a movie out of something.

Forgive me for whatever I might need to be forgiven for.

And, I guarantee, there are no examples of anybody randomly pulling carts off a wall rack and shoving them into a player with seemingly no regard for anything, a la "Frasier".

I love this country, but for the sake of marketability and a few other reasons, I set it in the USA.

I had an awesome time putting together the soundtrack…some specific examples of which are essential to the story line. Most of the songs you know. Some, and one in particular, I can guarantee you never heard, but their tone is essential. I could possibly make arrangements for you to play the songs as they appear in the movie to make sure you're seeing and feeling what I was seeing and feeling one I wrote it.

I wanted to make "Boss" a tribute to the people and the era, and perhaps one day it will be made to capture a slice of history that we all know will never be seen again.

"The present day composer refuses to die!"
Edgard Varese

"Kill ugly radio."
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Re: Boss Radio Movie

Postby CubbyCam » Wed May 13, 2015 11:40 am

What a fun read! Enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for mailing it! :salute:
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