Paywall journalism gathers steam

Paywall journalism gathers steam

Postby kal » Sun Feb 25, 2018 2:41 pm

It may not apply to radio just yet, but it likely will at some point. The notion of a paywall on a news site that is.

Digital subscriptions are now widely accepted, for the likes of movies (e.g. Netflix), for TV programming (e.g. CraveTV), for music (e.g. Spotify), and, increasingly for newspapers (e.g. Washington Post). Paywalls are becoming a driver for news subscriptions and there is some evidence that such subscriptions are outpacing subscriptions to physical papers. The New York Times says it has more than a million digital subscriptions.

Can digital subscriptions save the newspaper industry in Canada? And might they be needed for TV and radio on the news front?

Here's some more background.
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