It's Hockey Night In Canada (sort of)...

It's Hockey Night In Canada (sort of)...

Postby PicturesForYourEars » Thu Jun 07, 2018 2:46 am

A lucky kid who grew up a few hours from Humboldt, and who on many frigid Saskatchewan early mornings drove in darkness to the hockey rink to practice goal-tending, could be about to sip from Lord Stanley's mug - today!

BRADEN HOLTBY and the evil step-sisters from ' Trumpville ' are in a prodigious position to ruin an otherwise perfect 'Cinderella' season,
neutralizing the fairly God-like playing of goaltender Marc Andre Fleury and his castaway teammates,
and may be about to capitalize on disappointing everybody on the bandwagon who are still cheering for hockey in Sin City's Fortress - in June !

It seems inevitable that the horseshoes Fleury's had up his ass, shattering all records with 50 wins and 107 points for the team's fairy tale inaugural season, might not be enough today to unjinx a 76 year NHL record. (That's how long it has been since a team down 3-1 in a Cup final has come back to win the Holy Grail).

Ovechkin's Eastern Conference Champs have built a Washington WALL around the Vegas Rusty Knights.
Let's hope they don't bring their good luck charm Pat Sajak or 'The Misfits' just might hit 3 posts again in the first period of this game and the goaltender from Saskatchewan WILL rain on the chance of any Lost Vegas parade...

With temperatures hovering around 100 degrees in the desert today, the Hockey Gods are smiling ... and ... Lady Luck is down on one knee.

The Stanley Cup is in the building...
Will it be Knight time or "good night" time?

Game time : 5 o'clock (PST) today on CBC and AM650.

Go Knights Go.

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