Back from vacation and the interviews resume!

Veteran broadcaster Mike Cleaver is doing a series of interviews with long time west coast broadcasters. These interviews are a joint project between Mike Cleaver, and New iinterviews are being added weekly.

Back from vacation and the interviews resume!

Postby Mike Cleaver » Wed Jul 07, 2010 9:58 pm

I had a great time in California, retracing my summer of '64 trip in this my 64th summer!
Not a lot of great radio on the trip, mostly the same old crap but a couple of stations stood out, an AM in Seattle playing stuff from the '30s, '40's and '50s, on 880.
Another one in San Francisco, an FM that says "we play everything" and they did but somehow, it worked.
The interviews resume tomorrow with Tom Bricker of CKWX.
More are being scheduled tomorrow for next week.
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