TELUS Now Charging $18 to change your listing

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TELUS Now Charging $18 to change your listing

Postby slowhand » Sat Oct 22, 2011 11:51 am

Wanna remove your address from the phone book? A woman getting crank calls because she has her first name listed in the book and wants to just have her initials listed?

That will be $18 please if you have TELUS providing your home telephone. Even if TELUS made the mistake in your listing.

Wanna unlisted number? That will $18 as a one-time charge plus $2 a month.

It wasn't that long ago that TELUS started letting you change your listing on their web site rather than waiting 90 minutes on hold to talk to a real person. It had always been free. Until now.

That $18 is enough to justify the effort required to switch to Shaw, Sears or any of the other providers.

Dump your phone line altogether and just use your cell phone? Maybe not as an emergency is the last time you want to discover that your cell phone's battery is dead. In more widespread emergencies, cell phones are more likely to get a busy signal than your regular phone. 911 can also be a problem if you are unable to tell the operator your address. Cell phones are harder to trace than home phone lines.
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