How Dare They Call Themselves Loomis?

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How Dare They Call Themselves Loomis?

Postby slowhand » Thu Dec 01, 2011 8:57 am

Loomis Express is the new kid on the block of courier companies. You might have heard of their owner, TransForce. Or not. I must have heard the name related to three of their companies that I do know. Canpar, Dynamex and ICS Courier. ICS is especially interesting as they courier stuff for everyone in the insurance, financial and banking industry for the cost of a First Class stamp.

The venerable Loomis ground services company was bought by FEDEX and is now known as FEDEX Ground. They do a great job.

My first experience with Loomis Express is a text book course in business communications. What I mean is they should have read an introductory book on business communications.

Notice on door Day 1 with no time specified to give you a clue when they might appear the next day. I knew I would be away the next day which they indicated was their next delivery attempt. I followed the instructions on the door tag and used their web site to reschedule a delivery for today, Day 3.

Notice on door Day 2 with time specified and the PLEASE CONTACT US TO SCHEDULE ANOTHER ATTEMPT with a check mark beside it. I again used their web site to schedule a delivery for today.

This morning, I checked on their web site and they now listed the parcel as undeliverable. I phone and they tell me it is waiting for me to pick up at their depot.

2 problems with that. Not only does it conflict with what the door tag said but nowhere on either the door tag or the web site is their local depot location listed.

Fortunately, I'll be nearby tomorrow morning. I'll pick it up then. Hopefully, without any further complications. Don't bet on it!
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Re: How Dare They Call Themselves Loomis?

Postby Dan Sys » Thu Dec 01, 2011 10:51 am

UPS is even worse. I had parcels returned to the sender twice marked as "no such #" because these idiots couldn't figure out that Aldergrove is actually just a neighbourhood within Langley, not a seperate municipality.

Then there was the missing cell phone a few years back. I specifically told Fido NOT to ship it out via UPS, but they ignored my request and surprise surprise UPS lost it. Never did turn up and Fido had to send a replacement (via Canada Post this time).

I wouldn't use UPS to ship a roll of toilet paper.
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Re: How Dare They Call Themselves Loomis?

Postby Mike Cleaver » Thu Dec 01, 2011 5:53 pm

Universal Parcel Smashers, Fraud-ex and the rest are all the same.
If you have something coming from the US, they'll overcharge you for bogus customs fees and delivery charges.
Notices are left, calls to the 1-800 numbers mean nothing, the websites are unhelpful.
It's almost impossible to file a complaint or speak to anyone with any authority to fix a problem.
I'm at home most days and I've never had anyone call me or buzz the intercom
I've never had problems with USPS.
Goods arrive undamaged at the neighbourhood postal outlet or in my mailbox, if they're small enough.
Canada Post also is pretty good with deliveries from inside Canada, with the odd exception over the past ten years.
If you have goods coming from the US and are mobile, do what we do.
Have them shipped to Hagen's of Blaine for a nominal charge and pick them up yourself.
The couriers seem better in the US than here in Canada, where none of them seem go give a s**t.
I've yet to have a damaged package from a courier in the US when it's shipped to a US address.
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Re: How Dare They Call Themselves Loomis?

Postby jon » Thu Dec 01, 2011 6:07 pm

Maybe things are different here in Alberta, but I've never had any problems with FedEx (Express or Ground) or UPS (other than from U.S. senders who forget to use UPS Customs brokerage service). Even Purolator has really improved over the last 5 years or so. Likewise, Canada Post, and that is saying something as Purolator was starting at a much lower point. Canpar seems fine, too, the few times anyone has used them to send me something. The only weird thing about Canpar is that the box or bubble envelope always seems to be really dirty, almost as if Canpar uses their trucks to ship loose top soil on the weekend. :tail

In fact, I've just now switched to shipping by FedEx Ground for all parcels into the U.S. They are faster, more reliable (shipping times), more detailed tracking, and, most important, they handle brokerage into the U.S., all for less money than Canada Post. They are also marginally cheaper within Canada.
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