Horrible CTV coverage of Mandela memorial service

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Horrible CTV coverage of Mandela memorial service

Postby Toomas Losin » Tue Dec 10, 2013 6:34 pm

I'm not one to rant. Well, not often. But I have to give vent to this one.

Is it standard practice for network TV to insult and disrespect representatives of the host country and foreign states when broadcasting live coverage of a memorial ceremony?

My gripes.

1. The lead CTV presenter apparently did not know the name of the MC, Cyril Ramaphosa. She called him "the presenter" at least three times. Isn't it someone's job to research the people listed on the program so the presenters can identify them?

2. The CTV presenters seemed to feel that their voices were more important than that of the MC and other presenters on stage. When the MC spoke that seemed to be a cue for the CTV presenters to start babbling. If this is live coverage then I want to see the live event!

3. When Obama was approaching the stage and greeted the other leaders he shook Raúl Castro's hand. The CTV presenters were apparently so absorbed in their babble that they didn't recognize what had happened. Someone woke them up a few minutes later and CTV went to a split-screen in order to replay that footage and add comment; unfortunately, they did this while the MC was introducing the President of Brazil.

4. Almost four minutes into the speech by the Brazilian president (in Portuguese with non-simultaneous English translation) the CTV presenter suddenly decides to ask the CTV person in the stadium for the crowd's reaction to Obama's speech. Isn't this an insult to the Brazilian president and any Canadians of Brazilian heritage who may want to hear her tribute to Mandela in their language?

5. Same for the Chinese Vice-President. The Reuters feed showed a nice moment when he switched to English at the end of his speech. This was completely lost in the CTV coverage!

6. CTV didn't even bother presenting the first minute of the Namibian president's speech. We saw a split-screen with the video as the CTV presenters babble over it. After that minute the presenters decided to "listen in"; what, the President of Namibia isn't worth paying attention to? Have some respect!

7. CTV apparently found some simultaneous translation service for Raúl Castro's speech, as we heard that over Castro. Then we heard the non-simultaneous English translation that followed! The only good from that, I suppose, is that it allows us to compare the two English translations. So unprofessional of CTV. The Reuters feed did not have the simultaneous translation.

8. Part of Zuma's address was in Zulu. Instead of exposing the audience to this culture, the CTV presenters took it as a cue to start babbling again until they noticed he had resumed speaking in English. There was an open mic moment where someone was heard to say that something was "not available". Presumably someone was asking about a simultaneous translation. If there's no translation available then please fall back on letting us hear the speaker speak rather than disrespecting him and his address by babbling over it!

9. I'm not sure (I'd have to watch it again) but I believe CTV did not acknowledge the Gauteng Premier at all when she gave her speech. The CTV presenters spoke over the MC as he introduced her and only deigned to let the audience hear her speak after a while, and then CTV cut to commercials before she had finished her address! What must the Canadians of South African descent think of this amateurish and insulting presentation by CTV?

10. CTV cut its live coverage to go to commercials before the memorial ceremony had finished. The CTV audience didn't see Tutu's presentation including his admonishment of the crowd. Clearly CTV cut off coverage because the ceremony was running late. And, as everyone knows, the network schedule is boss!

I had actually watched the memorial live via the Reuters feed and I am very glad I did. There were no TV personalities or anyone else to get in the way and I saw the whole event. What a stark contrast and shock it was when I reviewed my CTV recording.

I'm only commenting above on the terrible CTV commentary. I believe the video was the same as the Reuters feed, except for the split-screen CTV used occasionally. The memorial ceremony proper had problems of its own and I'm all typed out. :-)
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Re: Horrible CTV coverage of Mandela memorial service

Postby Tape Splicer » Tue Dec 10, 2013 7:17 pm

While the Reuters feed appears to have moved on to something else....
South Africa Broadcasting Corp is still streaming "Mandela related coverage"on YouTube.... Try this link;
Or this link;
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