Broadcast History - October 31

Broadcast History - October 31

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In 1960, CHAN-TV Vancouver signed on to Channel 8 with a transmitter on Burnaby Mountain. I was watching after school that day as a nice lady read a story for all the children in the viewing audience, including me. Even though it was Hallowe'en, the story couldn't have been too scary, as it didn't bother this eight year old. Before signon, there had been talk of a lower commercial load, with Newscasts each hour to fill the extra time. That never happened.


In 1962, the CBC's two and half year old bilingual FM network closed. The FM stations went back to full-time simulcasting of their AM siblings. It would be another two years before the FM stations again had separate programming, though the 1960-62 period only offered independent programming from 7-midnight weekdays and noon-midnight weekends.

In 1969, the late Lan Roberts was Program Director of KOL Seattle, having only recently been unmuzzled by a KJR lawsuit that kept him off the air for breach of contract. But he was ready and raring to go by Hallowe'en, putting all his creative juices into a great advertising tie-in for six local theatres who were showing a Garbage Film Festival that evening. Most of the 7:00 a.m. hour of Lan's morning show was dedicated to The First International Garbage Record Festival, with lots of ads for The First International Garbage Film Festival, as he preferred to call it. You can read all about it (and hear it, if you have a reelradio subscription) here: It debuted the weekend before Hallowe'en in 2000, one of the first times that an unscoped aircheck was heard on reelradio. Lan had also encouraged the late Robert O. Smith to produce his Hallowe'en Horror Movie for his Afternoon show that day -- think Firesign Theatre, only more political; unfortunately, no copy has yet surfaced.


During 2007, Turner Classic Movies twice aired the same double bill of movies seen at the Garbage Film Festival. Lan would have been proud. His web site as it existed when he died can be found here:

In 2008, the CRTC approved the sale of CKIZ-FM Vernon from Rogers to Pattison.
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