CRTC Approves English-language FM radio station in Banff

CRTC Approves English-language FM radio station in Banff

Postby radiofan » Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:04 pm

CRTC approves English-language FM radio station in Banff

The Commission approves an application for a broadcasting licence to operate an English-language commercial FM radio station in Banff. The licence will take effect 1 September 2013 and will expire 31 August 2020.

Read the full CRTC decision

Banff Centre / CJXB Website

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Re: CRTC Approves English-language FM radio station in Banff

Postby jon » Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:57 pm

CJXB-FM on 107.9 MHz will be the Banff Centre's third FM station.
Park Radio and Radio du Parc, CFPE-FM (English) and CFPF-FM (French), have been on air for 17 years, at 101.1 and 103.3 on the FM band.

I assumed that Parks Canada was still running these kind of stations. As they did when I lived two miles from the Elk Island Park fence (1981-96). In those days, you had to be a DX'er to hear their AM station on 1540 KHz, even just two miles outside the Park.

CJXB-FM will be 180/550 average/maximum ERP (Effective Radiated Power).

As for CFPE and CFPF, they are currently in the midst of being acquired by The Banff Centre, from the Friends of Banff National Park Fellowship, which was cited for numerous license violations:

They were originally acquired from the CBC in 1999, and renamed from their previous CBPG-FM and CBPH-FM call letters.

All three stations are allowed to run advertising.

CJXB-FM is described by the CRTC as Banff's first station providing local programming. CKUA and several Calgary FM stations have repeaters there, but no local programming.
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