CRTC Awards

CRTC Awards

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CRTC recognized for its creative and innovative work on behalf of Canadians
September 16, 2014
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)

At a ceremony held today at Rideau Hall, employees of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) were honoured with the Public Service Awards of Excellence. The CRTC was recognized in the areas of Official Languages, Employment Equity and Diversity, and Policy.

CRTC employees received the Official Languages Award for the high degree to which the use of English and French was promoted in all aspects of the CBC/Radio-Canada licence renewal proceeding. Throughout the proceeding, the CRTC instituted measures to ensure that all Canadians could be heard in the language of their choice and to foster the full participation of official language minority communities. These measures set a new standard, which have been emulated in subsequent CRTC proceedings.

The CRTC’s Developmentally-Challenged Employees Steering Committee received the Employment Equity and Diversity award for its management of this initiative. Since 1991, the CRTC has welcomed individuals who live with Down syndrome or other developmental disabilities and has fostered a stable, fulfilling and accepting workplace in which their unique needs are addressed and respected.

Finally, CRTC employees received an award in the Excellence in Policy category in recognition of how they engaged Canadians in new and innovative ways to develop a code of conduct for wireless service providers. The CRTC made extensive use of social media and other technologies to engage Canadians and ensure the public’s views were included in the discussion at a public hearing. The result was a code of conduct that addresses many of the frustrations that Canadians shared with the CRTC and that contributes to a dynamic marketplace.

The CRTC congratulates all of this year’s award nominees and recipients for their outstanding contributions to improving the lives of Canadians.

Quick Facts

  • CRTC employees were honoured at a ceremony for their creative and innovative work in the areas of Official Languages, Employment Equity and Diversity, and Policy.
  • The CRTC is proud of the work it is carrying out to ensure Canadian citizens, creators and consumers are at the centre of a world-class communication system.
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