Canadian Radio News - December Edition

Canadian Radio News - December Edition

Postby jon » Sat Jan 02, 2016 1:29 pm

Even if you've been following everything mentioned here, there are some interesting items I had not seen previously, in Dan Sys' Canadian Radio News this month.

As well as new FM stations signing on in Vegreville, Alberta, and Surrey, B.C., Corus Calgary has joined Vancouver and Toronto in offering AM on FM via HD Radio. CHQR can be heard on the HD2 channel of CKRY-FM at 105.1 MHz.

Who knew that Corus' CJOB in Winnipeg had an FM repeater in Jenpeg known as CJEN-FM? The 460 watt repeater is now silent for some reason, apparently on a more permanent basis than simple equipment failure.

And there are now two 50 watt South Asian FM stations in Calgary, with the Low Power call letters of VF5001 and VF5002, indicating that they were approved by Industry Canada, without the involvement of the CRTC.

Perhaps the weirdest one though is a 23 watt FM repeater for Newfoundland's VOAR. In Big River, Saskatchewan, of all places. It has been many years since I read of the last new VOAR repeater being opened in Western Canada.

During Newfoundland's Confederation with Canada in 1949, VOAR was one of the grandfathered religious stations that "broke" federal broadcast regulations that disallowed any church-owned radio stations at that time.

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