Can-Con 45 Of The Day - December 9

Can-Con 45 Of The Day - December 9

Postby radiofan » Fri Dec 08, 2017 10:21 pm

Today's Can-Con 45 is from 1975 .. It's Nick Gilder and Sweeney Todd ... "Roxy Roller" ...

Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who couldn't hear the music.
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Re: Can-Con 45 Of The Day - December 9

Postby Richard Skelly » Fri Dec 08, 2017 11:45 pm

Do I love Roxy Roller? Let me count the ways...just as soon as reckoning how many mid ‘70s versions of the glam tune exist. This, the original, featured its composers Nick Gilder (lead vocalist) and James McCulloch (lead guitarist). The song hits Number 1 in Canada but immediately stalls in the US...because Gilder/McCulloch leave Sweeney Todd to sign with Chrysalis in the US. Now LA-based, they re-record Roxy for Nick’s first album.

Meanwhile, back in Vancouver, a new singer and guitarist take their place in a reconstituted Todd. Band manager/producer Martin Shaer hits the Record button for a Gilderless version.

As Don Henley once put it: Are you with me so far? Because it gets even more confusing. A second replacement vocalist takes the main Todd mic, a beautifully blond-tressed chap called Bryan Guy Adams. Singing in an even flightier falsetto than Gilder, Adams records another Roxy (the third for Todd; the fourth overall). A full album, If Wishes Were Horses, emerges.

Adams is still fronting Todd when they win a Best New Artist Juno, but will soon exit, cut his hair, drop middle name “Guy”, don a leather jacket, pester Bruce Allen into managing him and conquer the world. Down in California, Gilder with McCulloch eats a fiery revenge with Hot Child In The City. It establishes a longevity record by taking a full 20 week’s to reach Number 1 on Billboard. With and without McCulloch, Nick enjoys middling followups.

Last I heard, Nick Gilder was in property management back on the Lower Mainland. I hope they are properties he’s wisely invested in. But when I cued up the above YouTube link, I noticed a 2016 Port Alberni concert clip of Roxy. Give ol’ Nick credit for still hitting the high notes and looking well (in a Joe Walsh kinda way).

Anyway, enjoy. I’m exhausted from trying to figure out the saga.
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