Chapter Four - Short and Sweet

Chapter Four - Short and Sweet

Postby Tom Jeffries » Mon Apr 21, 2014 7:27 pm

It was a shock when I realized that I got “too old” to do the radio I loved.

It sets fine with me, because nothing is as sure as change, especially in ‘media’.

I stepped away from CKNW, with good wishes, from then PD, Tom Plasteras (who was to get packaged off earlier this year, to everyone’s shock); and I did, because I knew it was just TIME TO GO.

That being said. I don’t like the direction media is going. It was all swell when it was fat and sassy, but now, with sales being shaky - oops - big shot Broadcast companies took on an ocean of debt, just at the wrong time.

Advertising bucks are migrating to the web.

Radio is looking more and more like semaphore.

The days of the easy sales are done. SO - cutback! Chop. Fire, gut, cut overhead....damn the torpedoes!

It was hell week at Global, this past week. Lifers got tagged. Deb and Wayner are gone. Gailus looks like he is going to have a nervous breakdown, with all the glitches by the rookies.

Rogers admits it won’t make it’s numbers. Cellphone sales blow, too. Not as many folks got on the new IPhone bandwagon, as hoped.

Cable? Forget it.

Now it’s a smart TV and an internet connection, and I have Netflix and Itunes and the web. Who needs 157 channels of crap, I am forced to buy?

Telephone landlines are going the way of Frosty Forst.

So the change means the new smart guys that fired all the experience, get to sort it out.

Have fun.

The same thing happens with every changing of the guard.

’Twas ever thus.

“Mama, don’t let you kids grow up to be deejays”.

No future. Sorry. Voice Tracks, contract work, and you will have been sucked in - spending thousands at “Technical schools” becoming a Radio talent, and wind up with a huge debt and a job that pays 12 bucks an hour, and no bennies.

Try Law.
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