Chapter Ten: Legacy or who cares?

Chapter Ten: Legacy or who cares?

Postby Tom Jeffries » Sat Apr 18, 2015 2:43 pm

The recent passing of Fred Latremouille has left a lot of people numb.

Make no mistake; you won't see the likes of that gent, again.

The media he defined is muerte....dead....morte.

I am wondering if radio, as we have come to understand it, has a future.

People are aggregating podcasts and a few like Adam Carolla, are making money on clicks on Amazon - but really - it ain't there yet.

BUT. Take a look how fast NETFLIX is killing TRAD TV! I am dumping a $140 bill a month for Shaw. Too many channels of garbage, that we don't watch.

Radio....even though it was my life - I only listen to a wee bit of the time.

I listen to my music storage devices and the 5600 songs I can draw on. Who needs 104.3, you know?

Interesting times. Changes at CBC are ominous for the staff, from coast to coast.
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