Radio Stations at Bumbershoot

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Radio Stations at Bumbershoot

Postby Destro » Wed Sep 05, 2007 5:51 pm

This was interesting to me.

I went to the Bumbershoot festival in Seattle this past weekend and had a blast. Being a radio nerd and loving all things American on the radio I wa slooking forward to see how the big boys do it in the big city.

For the most part... the booths were just like any radio station booth you'd see at the PNE (I'd know, I rocked the CFOX one back in my BCIT days).

All the players were there. KEXP was all over the place. KUBE, KISS, MOViN, Mountain, some Progressive talker... and this was funny...

The JACK tent was there... but no promo people... just a table with stickers on it for some self serve? "Take what you want?"

All the tens I visited were good. Lots of promo people chatting you up, asking for your ears, putting a sticker in your hand and putting your name in the draw box. making sure you hit "their" branded stage for a show and chatting about artists. What you would expect. the KISS both especially good and the Progressive talker and KEXP.

Couldn't find the KNDD tent anywhere... was it hiding? (like their ratings... ohhhhh burn).

Jamming out some 107.7 on the way into town... never even heard a jock on a Saturday afternoon on Bumbershoot day... just splitters telling me they were broadcasting live... but ummm... no actual broadcast. Two songs, LONG stopset, splitter about the "live" broadcast, two songs, LONG stopset... repeat.

Whatever... I am a card carrying member of KEXP... so back down to the left hand side of the dial.
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