CRTC Ends 30 Day Cancellation Penalty

CRTC Ends 30 Day Cancellation Penalty

Postby radiofan » Thu Nov 06, 2014 9:16 pm

Prohibition of 30-day cancellation policies

The Commission determines that 30-day cancellation policies for local voice services, Internet services, and broadcasting distribution services (e.g. cable and satellite television services) will be prohibited as of 23 January 2015.

This prohibition will make it easier for consumers to switch service providers, especially for subscribers to bundles of telecommunications and broadcasting distribution services. It will also contribute to a more dynamic marketplace and remove unnecessary barriers to consumer choice. Subscribers will avoid double-billing when they cancel their service and move to a different service provider.

This approach is consistent with the Commission’s prohibition of 30-day cancellation policies for wireless services set out in the Wireless Code.

Read the full decision here:
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Re: CRTC Ends 30 Day Cancellation Penalty

Postby Tape Splicer » Thu Nov 06, 2014 10:49 pm

When we moved to the eastern valley, we switched from Shaw to Telus for phone, cable and internet. Telus indicated that they would give us a month credit on our bill if we had them notify Shaw of the change. We agreed to this and went on our way. We found that this did not happen soon enough so we got dinged by Shaw. (It was when contacted Shaw to arrange return of equipment we found out about the 30 day notice). I think we were told of this charge when we signed up with Shaw, but things slip ones mind... and situations don't always give one the advance time to give 30 days notice. We advised Telus of this and they were good enough to add an additional month;s service credit. Each of these credits was equivalent to $100.
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