Reviews of Portables for AM DX

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Reviews of Portables for AM DX

Postby jon » Wed Feb 04, 2015 8:09 am

Last night, I was looking for more info on the Grundig G8 mentioned in another thread.

This site seems awfully useful to me, in terms of number of radios tested, and the criteria (sensitivity and selectivity being at the top of the list) as it applies to AM DX or just plain listening to non-locals:

I missed it last night, but now see that many of the radios have more complete reviews accessible from the bottom of the page.

No date that I could find on the page, and some of the radios haven't been in production for decades.

Still, some good info there.
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Re: Reviews of Portables for AM DX

Postby Eldon-Mr.CFAY » Sat Feb 07, 2015 3:51 am

Greetings Everyone, Thanks for posting the site Jon. I just checked it out and it is very helpful on a lot of portables from the past to now! I notice I have owned quite a few of the radios and still do have some. One thing about the recent smaller Grundig radios including the G3 and G8 as well as some other similar ones. You will notice they have a grey protective coating on the case that is supposed to make it easier to handle them. Now heres the problem with that coating!!! With a bit of time like a year or two and aging from some heat (you don't have to have it out in the sun either for this to happen) the case coating on the radio becomes sticky and uncomfortable to handle because of that. It won't necessarily peel off the radio but is sticky to handle the radio. I found that with my G8 and a wind-up Grundig AM/FM/Sw. portable I have. The performance of the radio is good sensitivity wise but who needs a sticky feeling radio!!!! Stay away from small radios with that coating on them, its supposed to make it easier for you to get a better grip on the radio but deteriorates in a year or two on them!

My larger Grundigs 350s and 450s absolutely do not have that coating at all. Neither do the GE Superadios and other previous portables or Radio Shack portables like the TRF 655 Long Range AM or their AM and FM Long Range Model. Some current portables from Grundig, Sangean and Sony do not have it either. Not only did I notice this on several of my radios but I read some reviews on the net. about this problem recently from others too. So aside from the performance specs. of the radio i just thought I would mention this. I do not believe the C.Crane Radios have that coating on the EP one and others either!

Anyway thanks for posting the link on this Jon, interesting. I plan on buying a Ten Tec RX 340 this year for some long range daytime groundwave dx on the AM Band with some high tech. air-core and ferrite loop antennas I am going to start building again once I get my workshop set up at the new house in Murrayville, Langley Township. Have not been active building loop antennas for 15 years or so even though I have sold a couple. Time to get back to some new designs of mine. I have built loop antennas for broadcast band long distance reception and sold them since 1978 both air-core and ferrite loop. The Tri-Loop Ferrite is one of my own unique designs as well as the Triangle Loop and I have several shielded Co-Ax Loop designs as well. Also working on a good timer phaser loop system too.

Lots happening in 2015 on the radio scene for me!!!

Take care, 73s

Bye . . Mr. CFAY "Frequently On The Frequency"
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