Postmedia's Paul Godfrey appears before Commons committee.

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Postmedia's Paul Godfrey appears before Commons committee.

Postby kal » Thu May 12, 2016 12:27 pm

Basically says more layoffs and closures coming. Print advertising looks bleak he says. Asks for more government advertising. Not going over well with Liberals, especially considering the chain's support for and endorsement of the Tories in the last election.

Anyone care to speculate when one or the other of The Sun or The Province closes shop here in Vancouver? Can both survive the year?
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Re: Postmedia's Paul Godfrey appears before Commons committe

Postby Jim Walters » Fri May 13, 2016 8:18 am

If the recent changes to the layout of The Sun are any indication, along with the lack of advertising (especially early in the week), I'd say it's days are numbered.

The Province at least has the car dealer ads as it's main source of ad dollars.

In the last month or so, I've come across several stores that no longer sell daily newspapers. When asked why, the reply was the same: Nobody is buying papers anymore and they just take up space in my store plus there is the hassle of returning unsold copies.

It's a sign of the times.
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Re: Postmedia's Paul Godfrey appears before Commons committe

Postby jon » Fri May 13, 2016 8:39 am

I suspect that this is as much about the business model for paper-based newspapers as it is about electronic delivery.

While I certainly agree that a lot of people use Apps and web sites instead of subscribing to a paper newspaper delivered to the door or bought at the newsstand, Free paper newspapers have certainly grown in popularity.

It seems that wherever you go for coffee these days, there is a rack with Metro or another free newspaper, as well as free magazines. Why would people subscribe to a newspaper at home when they can pick one up for free during their one or more daily stops at the coffee shop or restaurant? Those newsstands are even found in many corporate cafeterias these days.
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